I am a unique snowflake - just like everyone else. 

But no, really...have you ever met a former Special Agent who successfully transitioned careers to become a Social Media Maven?

True story - this really happened - and no, this website will not self-destruct. I truly believe in "just the facts ma'am" when it comes to creating your social media strategy.

My crazy career change was born out of some soul-searching, a big move, and a lot of tenacity. I know how to seize an opportunity and prove my value,

which led me to become the Social Media Manager for the band Megadeth and Dave Mustaine.

I got my hands on everything I could learn, read, and do to make their social media engaging for their 13 million or so fans. My absolute favorite part of the job was when I was able to put a fan's story in front of Dave and get him to respond. That is true connection. That is making your fans loyal. That is the Secret Sauce for cutting through the clutter of "marketing" per se.

...and now you know another tidbit...

I'm a not-so-closet metal head that's just as likely to wear Prada heels as Doc Martens.

So if you are looking for fresh perspective, serious know-how, and the focus of a Doberman about to eat a steak, let's talk.