They're On My Email List - Now What??

When thinking of your email list I want you to think of everyone on it like they’re a person your dating.

Let’s start with THE most important email sequence you need for your email list. The Welcome Sequence.

So your landing page or opt-in box, is kinda like asking for the first date. Getting the person's number--or in this case their email.

The Welcome Sequence (aka The Nurture Sequence) is the honeymoon dating portion.

You've got the Welcome Email (the first date), The Story Email (they liked you so they want to get to know you more), The Best Content Email (what to you have to offer them), Invite to an Amazing Freebie (do they want to keep this going and take it to the next step in the relationship).

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Pinterest is a Small Business’ Dream - What You Need to Know

There are few online marketing efforts that work as well for small business owners as Pinterest does. Why? There are 3 big reasons:

It’s not “social media” - it’s a visual search engine based on keywords (SEO).
It’s designed to get people to click through to your website, not keep you on their platform.
It’s capable of generating revenue for your business both ON and OFF their platform.

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If you’ve had “use Pinterest better” on your to-do list for awhile, you might have realized that it’s already the end of January and you might not (ok, probably not) have gotten around to moving forward with your Pinterest strategy.

I know that feeling! We all have those “must-dos” that we know will help our business but feel insurmountable or just a gigantic pain in the pahtootie.

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