7 Essential Steps to Pinterest for Business



cara chace 7 essential steps to pinterest for business
cara chace

During any given month, somewhere around 80% of my traffic comes from Pinterest - even more if I’m running a Promoted Pin or two!

There are even months when I’m getting more traffic from Pinterest than Direct traffic - crazy, but look!


If you’re wondering if Pinterest is right for you, keep in mind that your audience is in a very specific state of mind when they’re browsing their feed on the platform.

When people are searching and scrolling through Pinterest, they are in an aspirational state of mind. They are planning, dreaming, gathering, wishing - looking to the future on how they are making their lives better.

If your product or service helps people become better at something - cooking, business-ing (totally made that word up), organizing, traveling, etc - you have an audience there.

Like many people, I started using Pinterest personally (I was an early adopter) and watched eagerly as they rolled out more and more business features. I have spent tons of time curating my feed, creating beautiful boards, participating in group boards, and diligently pinning my own content.

I’ve put together a totally free, 45 minute training video on the 7 Essential Steps to Pinterest for Business.

This is not a short, top-level video! This training is absolutely packed with information and actionable steps. To get the most out of it, you're going to need to block off an hour to watch and take notes!


In this free training video, I walk you through:

  1. Finding and gathering your keywords
  2. How to switch to a business profile
  3. Public vs Private Boards and what you need to do
  4. Cleaning up your boards and finding great content to re-pin
  5. Creating branded templates so people instantly recognize your pins
  6. Checking your website pins and the most common mistake people make when pinning from their website
  7. Finding Group Boards and what to do once you’re included in the right ones

When you’re ready to up your game, you are going to want to schedule your pins to save you tons of time and effort.

Tailwind has easily been the best investment I’ve made for scheduling - in fact, I couldn’t do without it and still have Pinterest success.

BoardBooster is another tool I’ve been playing around with that I’m liking so far. It will pull popular pins from the Group Boards that I participate in and pin them to my own boards - game changer!

You need to go through all of the above steps before your Pinterest profile is ready to optimize Promoted Pins and drive massive traffic. I watch my budget pretty closely, and I don't want to waste a dime paying for anything that won't work well because I haven't built the right foundation.

Promoted Pins (Pinterest’s version of ads), have without a doubt been the biggest return on my advertising buck - and here’s why:

Pins live forever, and since you can only promote Pins already on your profile, that Pin won’t go away unless you delete it. This is opposed to Facebook ads, that don’t live on or reappear in people’s newsfeeds.

I promoted a Pin for my biggest traffic-driving blog “9 Things Your Social Media Manager Should Be Doing” (which I wrote in 2015...2015!) and I know this momentum is what keeps it performing today.

As Facebook (and Instagram) ads get more and more expensive, Pinterest ads continue to deliver long term, with returns like $.40 - $.80 per click through to my site.

The foundation of your Pinterest strategy is what’s going to get your massive traffic and Promoted Pins success. Watch the free training now and start making a difference in your business!

If Pinterest were a boy, I would marry it - and Promoted Pins would be our lovechild.
— Cara Chace
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