7 Reasons Blab Is My New Favorite Social Media Network

Every single current social media network has realized the future is video streaming. Facebook and YouTube are in a fight for native video content, and Periscope and Meerkat are dueling for live streaming dominance. Last week Instagram announced it would allow advertisers 30 seconds of video instead of the normal 15 seconds.

Historically, I have dabbled lightly in whatever is the latest and greatest social media network or app, because I want to see how the kinks work out and if it resonates with people. While the industry experts scream about being an early adopter, I have found it difficult to potentially waste my time on a flash in the pan idea.

Until, that is, I discovered Blab...

Blab is a live streaming platform that allows you to chat among four participants at a time, with a chat stream on the right for those watching, and a Twitter stream on the left. To put it another way - it's like Periscope for groups.

I don't know about you, but I have had a hard time with Periscope because I feel like I am talking to myself. Waxing poetic about social media feels awkward to me, but I love engaging in discussion and answering questions.

Sure, I can answer questions that people type and thank participants for "hearts", but I don't get the same value (and neither does my audience) if I'm not connecting face to face.

The app integrates with Twitter, which has proven to be important as I've seen my Twitter following jump since I started Blabbing. That plus the chat functionality makes it super engaging for everyone present.

I have to admit that I now get the whole "early adopter" feeling. Although I've only done two Blabs, I'm all in and getting a ton of value as it's a small pond for the moment.

Here are the top 7 reasons I've decided Blab is the right new platform for me:

  1. It's free - as a solopreneur that's huge.
  2. I can provide free, valuable content to multiple people at once.
  3. I can use it to create my own "show" as a video alternative to podcasting.
  4. I can use it to seamlessly engage on Twitter, boosting my presence on that network at the same time.
  5. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a thousand pictures - enough said.
  6. I can record the Blab, providing great content for me to share later.
  7. Being and early adopter means I'll have to fight less for audience eyeballs. 

As the host/creator, Blab sends me the video file of my Blab after I'm done, along with the embed code for my website.

Check out the most recent Blab with my co-host Cat Paterson:


If you want to see how the first Blab went - head over to my Blab Broadcasts page. It was a fun time, but you can see how conversations quickly veer off course!

I am currently testing titles and schedules for my weekly Blab. Tune in on Wednesday, 9/16 at 11AM PDT for the next show. We'll be talking about how to find out which social media network is best for your business/brand.

See ya there!