The Easy Guide to Massive Website Traffic Using Pinterest Ads

If Pinterest is one of the right social media networks for your business, it can easily be the #1 traffic referrer to your website.

During any given month, somewhere around 70% of my traffic comes from Pinterest - even more if I’m running a Promoted Pin or two!

If you’re wondering if Pinterest is right for you, keep in mind that your audience is in a very specific state of mind when they’re browsing their feed on the platform.

When people are searching and scrolling through Pinterest, they are in an aspirational state of mind. They are planning, dreaming, gathering, wishing - looking to the future on how they are making their lives better.

If your product or service helps people become better at something - cooking, business-ing (totally made that word up), organizing, traveling, etc - you have an audience there.

Like many people, I started using Pinterest personally (I was an early adopter) and watched eagerly as they rolled out more and more business features. I have spent tons of time curating my feed, creating beautiful boards, participating in group boards, and diligently pinning my own content.

I’m going to share with you the essential checklist for making sure your Pinterest profile is business-ready and driving traffic - PLUS a super-duper free bonus at the end: The Quick Start Guide to Promoted Pins!

The easy guide to massive website traffic using pinterest ads

Make sure you have a business profile

Having a business profile gives you access to all sorts of analytics about your profile and Pins that you would not otherwise get. Fill out your company profile completely and connect your website.

Make a list of your keywords

Pinterest has an incredible guided search bar that pops down suggestions just like the Google search bar. If you start typing in a subject related to your brand (for me, I might use “social media” or “digital marketing”) it will drop down a list of search terms that people are typing in related to that subject.

When you hit ‘enter’, the next screen will show you a horizontally scrolling list of keywords associated with your main keyword or phrase.

pinterest guided search

Make a list of these terms - you’ll need them to optimize your profile, Pin descriptions, and later, your Promoted Pins.

Set personal boards to private

Some people choose to have two separate accounts - one for personal and one for business. Personally, having one less account or profile that I have to log in and out of, the better. Imagine going on a late night “Pin all the Paleo recipes” sesh, and realizing later you accidentally did that on your business profile.

I prefer to have all boards that relate to my business, plus a few that fit well with typical Pinterest searches (like, gardening and cooking) public, and keeping my planning boards private (like Summer roadtrip ideas). Even if your boards are private, you can still invite people to see pins and collaborated.

Clean up your boards and find complimentary topics

If you’ve been on Pinterest for a few years, it’s likely that you have thousands of Pins. I’m not saying you should go through and audit every single Pin to make sure the link is still valid, because who has time for that? I am saying you should go through and delete duplicates or ones that just don’t feel right anymore for your brand.

This is also a good time to add boards that revolve around complementary topics. You can find complimentary topics by using the guided search bar, or breaking out your main subject into subtopics. For example, I have a social media board - but I also have boards for each social media platform.

Create beautiful pins for your own content

While keywords are the #1 thing to help optimize your Pinterest profile, your graphics (Pins) are, without a doubt, #2. Just like everything else you put out online, your Pins should be branded with your colors, fonts, logo, and be easily recognizable as “yours”.

The ideal size for a Pin is 735px wide x 1102px high.

Ideally, you have a template in Photoshop that you can easily change out the verbiage every time you have something to Pin. Not a Photoshop user? Head over to and use one fo their templates.

Check all descriptions on your own pins for accuracy and keywords

One of the typical issues I run into is a Pin that goes to the generic blog menu on a website, instead of the specific blog. I typically like to Pin directly from my site with the Pin It button, so that I know the URL is going to be correct. Depending on how you’ve named your picture and/or meta data, there are a variety of way a Pin description might show up.

When you click to pin an image, make sure the description is keyword heavy, concise, and leads directly to the content URL.

Find group boards

Group boards are one of the easiest and most effective free ways to maximize your reach on Pinterest. I love the site to find relevant boards to contribute to. Group boards typically have instructions and rules in the description for how to join and participate.

Promoted Pins (Pinterest Ads)

Promoted Pins (Pinterest’s version of ads), have without a doubt been the biggest return on my advertising buck - and here’s why:

Pins live forever, and since you can only promote Pins already on your profile, that Pin won’t go away unless you delete it. This is opposed to Facebook ads, that don’t live on or reappear in people’s newsfeeds.

You need to go through all of the above steps before your Pinterest profile is ready to optimize Promoted Pins and drive massive traffic. I watch my budget pretty closely, and I don't want to waste a dime paying for anything that won't work well because I haven't built the right foundation.

I promoted a Pin for my biggest traffic-driving blog “9 Things Your Social Media Manager Should Be Doing” (which I wrote in 2015...2015!) and I know this momentum is what keeps it performing today.

As Facebook (and Instagram) ads get more and more expensive, Pinterest ads continue to deliver long term, with returns like $.40 - $.80 per click through to my site.

I’ve put together a special bonus for you - The Quick Start Guide to Promoted Pins - that you can download for free right now.

Comment below to let me know how you’re doing with Pinterest!

Or better yet, book at 20 minute consultation to chat about your Pinterest strategy and let’s get you going!