5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Campaign on Social Media

Do you feel like you're screaming about your business on social media?

...and hearing nothing but crickets?


Do you feel like giving up because you don't know:

  • How to post content that makes people stop scrolling and get engaged?
  • How to think creatively about your business and think maybe it's just too boring for social media?
  • How to use paid ads to promote your content and extend the reach of your business?

Have you:

  • Tried posting a few times a day on several social media networks and get little to no engagement?
  • Feel like you can't possibly spend any more time on social media trying to make authentic business connections?
  • Noticed other entrepreneurs who seem to have great social media communities and connections that are constantly referring and hiring their services?

5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Campaign on Social Media

    Join me for this training and you'll walk away with:

    1. The different types of campaigns you can run, based on your goals, and why they’ll work for your business.
      (so you can think creatively about your business, your story, and your content)
    2. How to choose a social media platform based on those goals and the type of campaign.
      (so you can get clarity on where you should be focusing your efforts)
    3. The difference between long-term and short-term campaigns and the pros/cons of each.
      (so you can plan for product/service launches and brand awareness at the same time)
    4. How to plan and schedule your content for your campaign.
      (so nothing slips through the cracks, you save time, and your content is on auto-pilot)
    5. How to use paid ads to boost awareness. 
      (to give your reach an edge, since we all know organic reach is dead)

    All this is comes with a workbook and slides!

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    Your Host:

    Cara Chace

    Hey, Hey! I'm Cara!

    + creative director extraordinaire
    + social media #bosslady
    + former Special Agent
    + former social media manager for Megadeth.

    Yeppers, it's all true.

    I can help you finally figure out what your brand and business needs to be doing on social media. No bullsh*t, just the facts.

    HINT: It's not scrolling Facebook all day looking for articles on how to do social media