This time last year I was in an un-focused scramble. I knew that I wanted to make big changes in my business and needed to do things differently.

Changes like:

» Focusing my services on Pinterest and Squarespace instead of digital marketing in general.

» Creating passive income streams like courses.

» Finding clients that were the right fit, instead of taking work to take work.

» Treating my business like I am the CEO - not an underpaid intern.

I heard about the Planathon from being on Amber McCue's email list (a testament to the power of good email marketing). The copy in her email spoke to my struggles and gave me hope that I could find a way to the other side of the business changes I wanted to make.

Plus, the idea of taking a week to learn from industry experts and gain a ton of knowledge and inspiration - FOR FREE - was irresistible.

Heck yes, sign me up sister!

There are not enough words or time (unless you and I had a getaway weekend with lots of laughs and wine) to describe what a difference the Planathon - and her mastermind program Freshly Implemented - has made for me personally and for my business.

And now it's time to plan again!

YOU can make 2018 your most impactful and on-top-of-it year yet with what you'll learn in the Planathon.

5 days, 15 experts, 25 videos

Learn from:

James Wedmore
Jasmine Star
Rick Muldready
Amy Porterfield
...and more!

Last year I was blown away by the VALUE and the QUALITY of information given away for free - information you would expect to pay lots of moolah for.


STEP 1: Opt-in on Amber's Planathon page

I know you're opting-in twice (once with me, once with her) - but it's for a good reason! Amber is the one that will send you all the info you need to participate in the Planathon. Not only are there lots of videos and training, but the Facebook Group is absolutely BUZZING with other entrepreneurs meeting, collaborating and holding each other accountable for the week.

STEP 2: Join the Rockstar Solopreneurs Facebook Group

For Planathon week, I'm turning my group into a "pop-up" Planathon group to focus on your social media and digital marketing plans for 2018. I'll hold Office Hours that week to get you planning and inspired! I'll also be helping you go through the Planathon so you don't get overwhelmed and you know how to keep taking action and moving forward.


Download this free workbook to help you follow along with our planning in the Rockstar Solopreneurs group! Please note: This is different than the workbook that Amber offers, and different than the Social Media Playbook.

It all starts Oct 30th - but the pre-party is happening right now! See you on the inside!


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