Social Media Playbook

Social Media Playbook

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Half Course + Half Workbook = All Action!

A workbook and planning guide to create a kickass social media strategy in 2017. Designed for Small Business Rockstars just like you!

This is your playbook to create, document + plan the big picture of your social media plan for the coming year. This workbook + guide will help you put it all together.

The Social Media Playbook is the holy grail of social media planning. It feels like Cara took an ebook, planner, and course and rolled them into one amazing resource.

Everything you need for your social media/digital marketing strategy is contained in the pages of this planner, no detail is left out. Everything from tracking your brand fonts and colours to promote consistency to tracking your analytics can be recorded and tracked in this planner.

I personally loved the sections that walked us through defining our brand voice and target audience and how to create and find content that will speak to your audience.

Social Media can be a really confusing aspect of business, but The Playbook takes out the guess work and leaves you with a solid plan that will make it so much easier to harness the power of social media for your brand. Every business could benefit from having The Playbook.
— Alli March

Imagine having a gameplan instead of wondering what to post on Facebook every day.

Check out what we're going to walk you through:

» How to audit your online presence and create a solid foundation.

» How to build your online framework around your brand to build the Know, Like + Trust Factor.

» How to create, find, and schedule content easily and consistently.

» How to track it all to know for sure that your strategy is working.