Hey, rockstar!

Chances are, if you got here by searching online for how to finally get your social media marketing in order, I can help you.

If you're looking for someone to post on Facebook 5 times a week and Tweet 10 times a day for $10/hour, I'm not your gal.

If you ARE looking for a take-no-prisoners, totally dominate your social media strategy Bosslady, then I am who you've been looking for.


At a loss for where to start or what to do next on social media for your business?

Book an hour with me and we'll form an immediate game plan for you to put into action.

Walk away with clear, specific steps for exactly what you need to do to gain awareness and bring in your tribe on social media.

  • What social media platforms you need to be using.
  • What kinds of content to create and how to share them.
  • Tools to maximize your time and schedule your content.
  • How and where to find your clients and customers and form loyal relationships on social media.

...and more.

Receive a video recording of our session to refer to anytime.


Work with me pinterest management cara chace

Your Brand
Your Site Traffic

Pinterest is a gold mine of customer traffic to your website, waiting to be mined by you. Learn how to optimize your account and your website so you can convert your traffic into sales and opt-ins. Promoted Pins ad management also available.

Your brand
your strategy

Your custom strategy will bridge the gap between social media webinars you've taken, and implementing a strategy for your brand. Fully customized for your brand, your budget, and your time - a roadmap for social media success!


your website
your home

Your home on the interwebs - built for your brand with a beautiful Squarespace template, customized to be uniquely yours.


You need your team to be up-to-speed on best practices and how to make the most out of all social media marketing can offer for your brand.