31 Things To Do When You Need A Break

As a work-from-home solopreneur, I have the luxury of structuring my day in whatever way works for me. Sometimes this means that I spend all day doing one huge task. Sometimes this means that I jump around from small admin to dos to menial tasks for a few hours, and then I go run errands.

I am a person that thrives on structure, and the flexibility can sometimes be frustrating to me. Many days I have found myself down the rabbit hole of Facebook groups, meandering around the interwebs with no clear direction. 

There is a lot of research out there that supports why we need to take a break. Read more about why it's so important to do so here.


Here are several things I have noticed about my work day:

1) The feeling of "too busy" does not usually mean too busy. 

When I am actually busy in a meaningful and task-oriented way, I feel productive. When I have that overwhelming, raincloud feeling of "too busy", it usually means I am doing the meandering listlessly through the day thing, and I need to stop and take a break to refocus. 

2) I have to ease into my day.

If you know me or have taken a spin through my website, you know I have a deep and passionate love for coffee. I have been drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee since I was about 15 years old, and I never want to stop. I drink my coffee black, because cream and sugar just take up room in my mug. Are you getting the picture?

I require at least one cup before I can speak coherently. I usually hit my morning stride after my third cup. I like to enjoy my coffee before I start work. It's almost like a mediation for me. Sometimes I will even watch an episode of whatever I'm Netflix-binging on with my coffee before I sit down to work.

3) Business meetings always require a buffer activity for me to regroup.

My business meetings usually consist of either a Zoom meeting or a coffee shop. Regardless, it requires preparation, research, makeup, and non-workout wear. Don't get me wrong, I love the chance to feel put-together and network with like minded people and clients. But as a bonafide ambivert, meetings can take a lot out of me.

After a meeting, I usually need a non-work related activity to reset my brain before I jump back into work. 

Instead of wandering aimlessly when I need to regroup, I have put together a list of 31 things to do when I need to take a break. I hope you find some of them useful and inspiring. Is there anything you like to do that I've missed? Let me know in the comments below!

31 Things To Do When You Need A Break:

  1. Have a cup of coffee away from your computer.

  2. Watch an episode of the show you're currently into.

  3. Read a chapter of your current book, either business or pleasure (find a list of my favorite business books on my Resources page).

  4. Stretch for 5 minutes.

  5. Do some deep breathing for 5 minutes.

  6. Go for a walk.

  7. Listen to a meditation track (I like anything from Abraham Hicks or Brain.fm).

  8. Write a gratitude list.

  9. Doodle or color (2 birds, 1 stone with the Map Your Goals coloring book).

  10. Go for a drive while listening to music.

  11. Take a nap.

  12. Mail a hand-written note or card.

  13. Buy some flowers or clip some from your yard.

  14. Sit outside and watch the clouds (or the birds, or the trees).

  15. Take a bath or a shower.

  16. Get a pedicure (or do it yourself).

  17. Write a list of whatever has been on your mind to do.

  18. Go walk your dog or a shelter dog.

  19. Have lunch (or any meal) outside.

  20. Engage in some aromatherapy (candle, oil scents, etc.).

  21. Journal.

  22. Clip images for a vision board.

  23. Call a friend or family member.

  24. Turn on some music and dance (or at least wiggle around in your chair and headbang a little).

  25. Let go of yesterday.

  26. Plan a meal.

  27. Clean something...anything.

  28. Do a load of laundry.

  29. Read a magazine.

  30. Take some pictures.

  31. Turn off your phone and close your email.

If multi-tasking is more of an issue for you - you need to read about how you can get that silliness under control.

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