7 Days to an Instagram Strategy

Over the last couple weeks, I have given my awesome readers insight into a few tips and tricks to take control of your Instagram strategy.

Instagram can be a notoriously difficult social media network to gain traction on for a brand. If you're a solopreneur, your precious time can't be wasted and Instagram might be particularly frustrating for you to figure out.

Great news peoples! I have put together a FREEeeeee (eeeeeeee........) course on how to get up and running quickly on Instagram for your brand or business.

The free email course drops gold nuggets of amazing info into your email for 7 days. Easy, bite-sized, actionable steps that will take you no more than 20 minutes to read and put into practice.

Free. Self-paced. Clear. Achievable.

Nothing can stop you - take charge of your Instagram strategy and up-level your social media game.

This course will cover:
1) Setup and Basics for Business
2) Visual Consistency
3) Hashtags and Research
4) How to Search // Best Practices
5) Gaining Followers // Engagement // Best Practices
6) Notifications // Analysis
7) Promotion and Scheduling

If you want to stop being intimidated and jump right in, you can download the VIP course all at once, PLUS get some awesome sauce extra goodies - because you're likely a badass boss:

VIP Course Extra Goodies:
1) 21 Types of Instagram Posts
2) Best Hashtags for Instagram (niche specific)
3) Instagram Photography Tips
4) Top Photo Editing Apps
5) Leverage IFTTT for Instagram

Stop getting left behind - start taking advantage of the social media network that is second only to Facebook in the number of active daily users.

Get expert, actionable tips and VIP attention from me if you need a little extra help.

The VIP course can save you even more time - ALL FOR LESS THAN BREAKFAST AND COFFEE AT STARBUCKS (whuuuut).

I would love, love, love for you to let me know how you are doing with this course. Email me with any questions at hello@carachace.com.

...and you better believe if you follow me on Instagram (@carachace) and tag me in your photos I'll give you some mega love right back.

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