7 Elements to Marketing on Social Media Like a Boss

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Marketing on social media is as easy as
A, I, D, A…S, L, A

If you’ve ever done any kind of marketing qualification, you’ll know about AIDA. It’s one of those boring marketing fundamentals that you learn about and then forget.

But it’s actually a great way to create your social media marketing strategy.

You do have a social media strategy, right?

A strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, AIDA will help you on each level to make your customer’s journey - from not knowing who you are to a fully-fledged customer - simple and easier to understand.

AIDA stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. As social media takes over the world, the acronym has evolved and grown. Three new letters can be added on: Support, Loyalty and Advocacy. 

By walking each piece of your marketing through this acronym you can build your strategy, your audience, and your sales.

Let’s take a look at what those steps involve.

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Your goal may be to sell a particular product or service, or to get people to sign up to your mailing list, or hit follow, like or share. Whatever your goal, the only way to achieve it is to make people aware that you and your business exist.

Creating awareness of whatever it is you’re offering can be done in any number of imaginative ways. 

  • Paid advertising, especially targeted advertising

  • Blog about it

  • Create explainer and social proof videos

  • Use contests and competitions

  • Join online groups to ask questions, and answer some too

Remember to use hashtags on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. A little hashtag research can take your content a long way.


Now that people are becoming aware that you and your offer exist, you need to pique their interest by making them want to know more.

This is best done by creating incredible content. Use blog posts, videos and your online presence to prove your expertise, show off your personality and tempt in your potential customers. 


Once you’ve got someone interested, you want them to want what you have to offer.

You might do this by using staying social and available to answer questions, and perhaps work with other people in your market. 

You may want to give your offering a little extra push to turn interest into desire. This can take the form of a special offer, a time limited product or service, or something that ties into an event or special day (like Christmas).

The more your growing audience learns about you and your offering, the more they should want it.


Once you’ve got your audience desiring your offer, you want them to take action. That might be the person buying your product, hiring you, joining your list, following you, liking your page, etc.

Now they’re your customer!

This used to be where the basic customer journey would end...

Then in rolled social media and new opportunities to grow your business, adding on the following three letters to the acronym. 


Thanks to social media, people now expect customer service to not just be good, professional and thorough, they want it quickly too.

Not just for complaints - but for any kind of comment or question. Although, with complaints, customers expect an almost immediate response while they’re still upset.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re not there. Your customers will turn to whatever social media platform they choose to comment or complain about your product, service or business.

The best thing to do is offer them a platform. Choose your channel (Twitter is a popular one for this) and be there to answer any question, respond to comments and deal with complaints, professionally and fairly, preferably within the hour.

This offers a great opportunity to build on your marketing. Whether it’s through how you handle complaints or just chatting with people who announce that they’re loving what you do.


By creating conversations and being responsive to your customers and audience, you’ll be able to inspire loyalty.

So even if someone complains, by dealing with it appropriately and making them feel good, chances are they’ll come back and buy from you again. They might even shout out how fantastic you are.

This stage can also be reached by rewarding your customers. Learn from them using polls, surveys or just asking them questions by email or social media, and then give them a discount, or an exclusive offer. Make them feel special.

Loyalty is built through a mixture of great offerings and amazing customer service. Nail these and you’ll get people returning to you and your brand over and over.

In many cases, this point of repeat and loyal customers is where the journey would end. But for some, there’s another stage to reach. The star on top of the tree.


This is the tricky stage, but it can happen for you. A few of your loyal customers can fall so in love with your brand and offerings that they become advocates.

This means that they start recommending you and shouting about your greatness without any input from you.

If advocates for your business start appearing, then engage with them! Follow them, chat with them and share what they say about you. They’re doing some of your marketing for you so reward them and thank them.

Social media marketing isn’t straight forward but it doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. 

Use AIDASLA as a template for your social media strategy, creating a journey for each of your offerings to take your customers from discovering who you are to repeat purchases and singing your praises.


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