Designing The Perfect Pin: How-To Checklist

If you’re anything like me, graphic design is not a natural talent. This doesn’t mean you’re not creative - it just means you need a little practice.

Clickable pin graphics are one of the most essential elements to a successful Pinterest marketing strategy (read about how terrible it can be when you don’t get it right).

If you’re not able to hire out this piece to a professional, here are a few key elements for best practices on graphic design for your pins, plus a handy checklist for creating the perfect pin on Pinterest.

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As I’ve said many times before:

On Pinterest, keywords get you found and graphics get you clicked!
— Cara Chace

Your keywords are what’s going to get your pin surfaced in the Pinterest feeds. The right keywords get you in front of your ideal audience and potential customers.

When someone’s scrolling through their Pinterest feed, you have to make sure your pin is enticing and clickable (not in a skeezy marketing way).

Essential Pin Image Factors:

Here are 4 key factors to review your Pinterest graphics:

  1. Pins should be a 2:3 vertical ratio (1000px x 1500px minimum) - no landscape graphics please!

  2. Fonts should be clear and easy to read (can you read that script font on mobile??).

  3. Use quality lifestyle and/or product photography.

  4. Are you using your brand’s style guide (read my blog on creating one if you’re not sure).

Need some inspiration? Check out this board and read about how I re-branded with the help of Pinterest.

Once you have your graphics dialed-in, you need to actually create the pin on Pinterest.

Click the “+” button in the top right of your Pinterest profile

Click “create a pin”.

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  1. Grab your pin graphic and upload it here - pretty self-explanatory!

  2. Put the title of your pin here - this should be keyword heavy (you cannot edit this later)!

  3. Describe what your audience will learn or do when they click through.

  4. The link where this pin is going - usually your website.

  5. Which board this pin will be pinned to - match it to the closest subject board.

  6. Click Save!

Note: Pinterest has just started enabling users to “schedule” their pins. I wouldn’t use this feature. Tailwind* is way better at this!


Here’s what a perfectly created pin looks like after you check off this list!


Need more help?

If you need more graphic design help, you definitely need to check out The Social Media Template Toolkit by Simplifying DIY Design*.

Kara was kind enough to do a special Guest Expert training, specifically for Pinterest graphics, for our VIP members inside Pinterest PowerUp. Join now to get immediate access!


All of February in Pinterest PowerUp we’re talking about graphic design and branding on Pinterest - it’s an essential piece that will make or break your Pinterest marketing strategy.



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