Digital Marketing: Using Pinterest for Business

You’re an online entrepreneur. You know the importance of marketing your business across different platforms, being consistent with your content marketing, and showcasing your expertise like the boss you are.

Chances are, when you think of digital marketing for your business, you think of Facebook, Instagram, maybe YouTube, even paid advertising on any of these platforms. But Pinterest might be something that escapes your grasp a bit. Or it’s that thing on the to do list that you only think about when you can’t do it right then - like calling the good friend you haven’t talked to in months and months.

Pinterest is a different animal in the digital marketing game, and you can’t apply the strategies and tactics that might work for you on other platforms - more on that in a bit.

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Pinterest often gets lumped into “social media” when referenced, which is almost totally untrue. (They have launched Pinterest Communities, but that’s a discussion for a different blog). In fact, when I was working on my SEO suggestions for my blog, they suggested the title for this blog be, “Social Media Marketing: Pinterest for Business” - and I just. couldn’t. do. it.

Pinterest is a visual search engine that functions is the same way Google does - but in a much prettier (and often more useful) way. You know why all businesses would LOVE to rank on Google in search? Because it builds awareness and trust almost immediately with your audience and website visitors. I mean, when was the last time you clicked a few pages deep in your Google search results?

It doesn’t rank “engagement” and comments - traditional social media actions - for its algorithm nearly as much as the other traditional social media platforms.

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Pinterest values 2 things above all else:


Just like any digital marketing platform, being consistent and showing your audience that you’re present on the platform is a huge factor in having your content shown and surfaced in the different Pinterest feeds.

If you’re groaning right now because you think consistency means creating new content all the time, I have good news for you…

For Pinterest, it’s not about creating new content. It’s about creating new pins for the content you have! One more time for the bossbabe in the back…

“It’s not about creating new content. It’s about creating new PINS for the content you have!”

On Pinterest, pins are the content, not where those pins are driving traffic to. If you have a little smoke coming out your ears right now, let me explain further.

This means that if you are limited or a little slow on creating content that lives on your website (like a blog, article, tutorial, opt-in, etc), all that matters is that you consistently make different graphics with slightly different descriptions for creating more pins on Pinterest that drive traffic to that content.

So if you have a blog that’s done really well, or an opt-in that converts to email subscriptions, you can create as many pins as you like for that content!


We need to take that consistency one step further though.

Are you really going to remember to pin 5x, 10x, 15x per day - your own content plus re-pins of others’ content - all day every day?

I’m sure as heck not.

That’s why I use Tailwind to batch my pins so I know my Pinterest content is going to be consistent and taken care of.

Tailwind is one of the few Pinterest-approved schedulers and the only one I use and recommend. If you use my affiliate link to try it out, you’ll get a month free to test it to your heart’s content.

Have you heard about Smart Loops? It’s a new Tailwind feature that basically picked up where Board Booster left off. It lets you add your best pins to “loops” that are consistently repinned according to a set schedule so you don’t have to think about it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

When I sit down to batch my pins in Tailwind, it takes me about an hour (give or take 20 mins) to fill up my Tailwind queue of about 12 pins per day for the entire next month.

Time is money boss, and Tailwind gives me both back many times over. It’s so essential for my business that it’s a requirement for all my one-to-one clients.

Now for the second thing Pinterest values above all else...


Pinterest really cares about not only the quality of the pin you create, but if that pin actually matches the page it’s going to on your website.

Like everything else online, Pinterest has a spam problem, and they actually check to make sure that pin you post about the best Squarespace templates (or whatever your industry/expertise is) goes to a page on your website that’s really about Squarespace templates.

In fact, Pinterest is so serious about spamming and dead/incorrect links, that it’s been known to go “shut down happy” and suspend legitimate accounts because something has tripped their spam radar.

So how do you make sure you’re creating quality pins and making the Pinterest algorithm happy?


I have a quote that I use more and more when teaching people and clients about Pinterest strategy:

“Keywords get you found and graphics get you clicked.”

A keyword-rich pin description, plus a couple of well-chosen hashtags, is what’s going to show your pin to the right audience that’s actively looking for that content subject.

When you’re pin gets “surfaced” in the Pinterest feed to the right audience, if it’s visually appealing and follows best practices, is going to get clicked, saved, and repinned by other Pinterest users.

What happens when your pin gets clicked, saved, and repinned? Pinterest thinks that pin is a quality piece of content that leads to valuable information for your audience, and it shows that pin more and more.

The absolute best part about your pins getting shown more and more on Pinterest? Those pins never die - they are out there forever.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, who both have very short lifespans for your posts, pins on Pinterest live forever, gain momentum, and can go viral.

It’s free marketing!

You can check out Pinterest’s creative best practices guide right here.

If you are not a graphic designer, and/or have no need to try and DIY your graphic design, I highly recommend hiring someone to at least create a few different templates for you on Canva or Photoshop that you can copy/paste your content into.

Remember when I said in the beginning of this blog that you can’t apply the same marketing strategies to Pinterest as you can on Facebook or Instagram (or any other platform for that matter)?


It goes back to the bit about your content on Pinterest living forever. Because your pins stay in the Pinterest algorithm forever (vs getting pushed down quickly in a feed), you want to focus on evergreen content on Pinterest.

Pinterest is not the place to try and push time-sensitive launches, signups, or the like. You might have heard it said that Pinterest is a “slow burn”. It takes time for your pins to get “seeded” in users’ feeds, and by the time your pins starts gaining momentum, that launch is going to be over. A typical business owner with a good, consistent strategy starts seeing results in the form of traffic and/or sales at least 6 months in.

The Pinterest user is also in a totally different mindset than when that same person is on Facebook or Instagram. They’ve usually figured out that they have a problem they want to solve, they’re looking for ideas, and they’re dreaming and aspiring about how to be or do something better. While the are primed to consume, they’re typically saving ideas and products for later, so the conversion path is much longer than other platforms.

While Pinterest is a long game, it will give you the biggest ROI on your time and money if you have the patience to do it right and let it work.

The absolute BEST thing you can do is just get started - like yesterday.

And the best way to get started is doing it right from the beginning!

Grab your 90 Day Pinterest Success Roadmap now.

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