How To Fix Image Links On Facebook


This is a reaaaalllly old blog but it still works! The debugger tool is still really useful when your post isn’t showing up correctly.

You've completed your blog post, with awesome images, and it's published. You're ready to share it with the world and hopefully garner some interest. You go to your Facebook business page and paste the link in to the status update, and....


When the link populates, it doesn't show the image you want or the link information.

How To Fix Image Links On Facebook -

There is an easy peasy fix to this so get ready.

Step One:

Go to Facebook's Debugger Tool. Bookmark this page - you'll use it often.

Step Two:

Paste the link you are sharing into the box. Click "Debug".

Facebook Debug - Cara Chace

Step Three:

Click "Fetch new scrape information".

Fetch New Scrape Information Facebook - Cara Chace

Step Four:

Start a new status update on Facebook and paste in the newly scraped link. It should now auto-populate with the correct info and picture.

You should always, always, always make sure the images that go out with your links on each social media platform are custom-made, appropriate for the topic, and attention grabbing.