Growing Your Email List: Pinterest vs. Facebook Ads

I’m constantly amazed at how many people don’t yet realize how successful and cheap Promoted Pins (aka paid advertising on Pinterest) can be for building your email list.

I even listened to a podcast the other day where both the interviewers and the guest said they didn’t really know much about Promoted Pins and hadn’t really heard of any success stories…

Not gonna lie, a few profanities escaped my mouth as I was listening while driving.

This misinformation tells me a couple of things:

  1. There’s a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to learn something new.

  2. The time to jump into Promoted Pins is now, before everyone else finds out too.

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Now, I could scream from the rooftops about how amaze-balls Promoted Pins are and all the success that I’ve personally had, OR I could provide you with hard numbers from one of my Pinterest PowerUp students.

Hard numbers right? Right.


Cat Paterson has been a student of mine for several months, and together we outlined an easy funnel for growing her email list.

She is the quiz master and is currently featuring one on her site that helps you discover more about your personality as a small business owner: What’s Your YOUprint?

She wanted to compare running a simple ad to cold traffic on both Pinterest and Facebook. Now, both advertising platforms have different features, but we made this test as apples-to-apples as we could.


Cat is in Scotland, so she’s paying in Pounds - just FYI.

Spend: £5
Clicks: 4
Impressions: 212
CPC: £1.67
New Subscribers: 0
Conversion Rate: 0

Spend: £38
Clicks: 387
Impressions: 102,451
New Subscribers: 212
Cost per Email: about 20 cents!!

But here’s the best part...

...those 212 new subscribers have an email open rate of 60-80%!!

That means her email subscribers are a targeted list of potential clients that want to know more about what she offers.


These results speak for themselves! Not only are Promoted Pins fantastic for expanding your audience to cold traffic, but they are affordable!


In early 2019, big changes to Promoted Pins and the types of ads available started coming down the pipeline.

Pinterest rolled out what they call Conversion ads, as well as Video ads.

Conversion ads optimize based on what you want to pay for each goal (or conversion). For example, if I want to pay $0.50 per email address, the campaign with adjust the algorithm to optimize for that goal, instead of simply clicks through to my site.


I’ve been able to optimize Conversion ads for clients to the tune of $0.06 per email address. It’s unreal.

Video is the content of the future and Pinterest is definitely jumping on that bandwagon. You can now run traffic ads (clicks to your site), awareness ads (impressions on Pinterest), and conversion ads (optimized by cost per goal) with video pins.

Here’s the catch though - you won’t be able to run Conversion Ads until your “lead tag” converts from traditional Traffic Ads a minimum of 50 times in a 7/7/1 window.


Basically, Pinterest wants to make sure that you are converting those ads via Traffic Ads, or they won’t be able to properly optimize their algorithm for the Conversion Ads.

If that’s super confusing, read more about how I can help…


As a Pinterest marketing agency, I work directly with Pinterest to run and optimize our clients’ ad campaigns.

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