Have Facebook Groups Become Just More Noise?


The Rockstar Solopreneurs Group (and #RSLURKERS Week) was fun - and the Ultimate Facebook Group Swipe File was a fantastic opt-in for building my list, but it no longer aligns with my brand.

I’ve niched my services and content into Pinterest management and marketing (read more about that decision here) - so I’m not keeping up with all the latest strategies on Facebook.

I’m guessing you can still get some gold nuggets and inspiration from the blog post below, so read on!

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Do you know how many Facebook Groups you’re in? The number might surprise you - and the reality is there’s probably only a handful you’re active in and enjoy.

As an online entrepreneur I belong to several (ok, probably more than a dozen) of industry-related groups with varying purpose, quality and level of activity.

This is alongside many personal groups I’m in relating to my neighborhood, buying/selling stuff, friendship groups, and random other life activities. Best guess is my total is well over 50.

When I set up my Rockstar Solopreneurs Group a couple of years ago, the strategy made sense. I wanted to add value to my tribe and have an engaging, fun place to hold office hours and build relationships with my peeps.

After a year or so I found my groove with regular office hours, lively discussions, and providing tons of free value. The numbers built steadily over time and I was meticulous about not allowing every requester in if they were obviously spam just to boost my numbers.

I even created a great freebie that still gets traction today: The Ultimate Facebook Group Swipe File. It’s a guide for group best practices as a participant and an owner, as well as prompt ideas.

But there’s change in the air, I can feel it. Are you engaging in Facebook Groups the way you were even 6 months ago? What about a year ago? I’m sure not.

You might be a lurker is you're in too many Facebook Groups to participate and add value as a small business owner. #facebookmarketing #facebook #digitalmarketing #smallbusiness #carachace #rockstarceo
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When I decided to niche my services into Pinterest and Squarespace last summer (more on that here), I left my Rockstar Solopreneurs group as-is. Not only was I having fun with it, but the thought of totally changing that up along with all my services was too much to take on.

But while I was transitioning my business, I realized that I’d become that thing that no Facebook Group owner wants...a LURKER. Not so much in my own group, but definitely in most of the other business groups I was in.

I couldn’t keep up with the discussions, prompts, Lives, etc - I was juggling client work, my own content, and family life. It just slipped through the cracks every day… sound familiar?

So about 3 months ago, I sat down to organize and attempt to create systems around my favorite business groups. I created a spreadsheet to keep track of what prompts happened on which days in which groups with what rules, so I could dutifully put recurring tasks in Asana to remind myself to participate.

What I realized about most of the groups I was in was startling.

A lot of them had done away with scheduled prompts (not all, but a lot).

I scrolled and scrolled down discussion timelines searching for the prompts we’ve all become so familiar with and was coming up way short. A few of the groups still did and a few of the groups seemed to randomly post prompts.

Something was definitely off and my lack of participation in most of my groups meant I had missed it.

So I did what every good online entrepreneur does in those WTF moments and jumped on Zoom with a biz bestie to discuss.

“Yes,” she said. “I’ve noticed the same thing. The whole prompt stuff is getting old and people are inundated I think.”

What I did next was also what every good online entrepreneur does - I put it aside, went on with my to-do list, and let it work itself out in my subconscious for awhile.

After chewing on it for a week or two, I came to a few conclusions:

I’m no different than everyone else. If I’m overwhelmed and can’t keep up with group prompts, a lot of others probably feel the same way.

My value-threshold is much higher than it used to be. It takes more than asking me where I live or what my business is about to get me to take the time to post. I am all about giving more than I get, but I gotta see the value for my time clearly.

I have to need it now. How many times have you joined a group because you wanted to learn more about (YouTube, Instagram, FB Ads, etc.) sometime in the (hopefully maybe) near future? I belong to quite a few groups that I rarely pop into simply because I don’t need it right now and I can’t put it on my plate.

I might be a Lurker, but that’s neither good nor bad. I will often pop into a group that I’m a Lurker in because someone has tagged me to answer a Pinterest question. I have no problem dropping some knowledge and moving on to my next thing - I don’t expect anything in return. On the other hand, having a bunch of Lurkers in a group can be discouraging and frustrating for everyone.

I know this is not the case for every group. There are some that continue to post prompts and have an active, engaged community. I’m simply stating what I’ve observed in the majority of the business groups I’m in.

I feel like the Rockstar Solopreneurs group is the last piece of my “old” business, but I don’t want to just drop it like a bad client. I’ve spent years building relationships and I enjoy it. If you’ve ever participated in our F+ck Yeah Friday gif thread, you know what I mean.

There’s nothing better as an online entrepreneur than being willing to open yourself up and have it resonate with people. That’s what Rockstar Solopreneurs has given to me in spades.

But unfortunately, warm fuzzies are not enough of an ROI in my business.

So here’s what we’re going to do.


On Monday, September 10th we are kicking off #RSLURKERS week.

I know we have some amazing solopreneurs in the group that are dealing with the same issues I am.

  • You’re overwhelmed with the “noise” of all the groups you’re in.

  • You forget why you joined a group in the first place and aren’t sure what you’re getting out of it.

  • You are a Lurker, like me, and you tend to only pop-in when you feel like you can contribute.

It’s time to come out of the woodwork Rockstars! 

  • We’re going to chat.

  • We’re going to tag people.

  • We’re going to introduce ourselves.

  • We’re going to learn.

  • We’re going to plan ahead.

  • We’re going to win prizes.

The week is going to revolve around planning our content for fall and beyond, with plenty of accountability and gifs thrown in.

You’ll want to make sure you’re getting my emails (sign up below) so I can send you the schedule for #RSLURKERS week and so you can win prizes.

Prizes you say? Of course!


Each day one random winner who participates with the hashtag #RSLURKERS will win one of my mini-courses or my Social Media Playbook (your choice!):

  • Opt-In Awesomeness ($57)

  • Social Media for Network Marketing Rockstars ($27)

  • 7 Steps to Pinterest for Business ($47)

  • Social Media Playbook ($37)

On Thursday, one random winner who has participated every day will win all four (value $168)!

Plus, on Thursday I’ll have a surprise announcement about what’s next for Rockstar Solopreneurs.

Pop in your name and email below to participate and I’ll see you in the group Rockstar!


It’s ok - join us over in the new Pinterest Rockstars group!

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