How Not To Be An Asshat On Social Media

Last week I taught a webinar on how to convert fans to clients on social media.

It was fun and informative - we had a great time and I answered a ton of questions.

But one off-handed comment by the webinar host caught my attention and stuck in the back of my brain...

She said, "You need to teach a class on social media etiquette!"

I realized afterwards that there are so many small business owners who are trying to simply do the best they can on social media, but might not know the taboo ways in which they can alienate their potential customers.

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If you've made some of these mistakes, it's ok. I know you're overwhelmed and giving your business your all.

But you need to stop it. Right now.

Because I want to simply give you the information instead of asking anything of you, here's a handy-dandy infographic on the top 5 mistakes I see small business owners make.

how not to be an asshat on social media infographic.png

Making these mistakes is the opposite of building the "Know, Like, + Trust Factor" required to turn fans into clients.

I am going to ask a teensy favor though - if you love this infographic, please Pin it!

If you are afraid you've already gone down the wrong road with your social media marketing, it's not too late to turn it around.

UPDATE October 2018

While I’m no longer focused on general social media (you can read more about why here), I AM offering tons of resources - like content planning and blog marketing, plus other tools to make entrepreneurship easier - in my free membership for Pinterest PowerUp. PPU is a membership community for online entrepreneurs and the only Pinterest marketing resource you will ever need for your business!

I AM still using and teaching the same principles around content planning and marketing.

In fact, I have 4 Content Planning videos, a workbook, and a planning template all bundled up for you in my free membership for Pinterest PowerUp.


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