How To Batch Your Content With Pinterest + Tailwind

As an online entrepreneur you know there are a couple of key elements to creating consistent content and maximizing your time.

The first is re-purposing - meaning using one piece of content to create several pieces of marketing.

The second is batching - meaning taking a chunk of time to do one task that will last you for awhile (I’ll explain more in a bit).

There is no better combination of re-purposing and batching than using Pinterest and Tailwind for your content marketing.

Let’s dive in to how to use this powerful method in your business.

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The first thing you have to understand is the beauty of Pinterest is each pin you create that links back to your website is counted as a new piece of content. Put another way…

It’s not about creating new content. It’s about creating new pins for the content you have.
— Cara Chace

This means that even if you don’t have a ton of content like blogs, you can still create “new” content on Pinterest by creating new pins.

You can re-purpose your content into different pin graphics - here are some ideas:

  • Different graphic templates for the same blog (or content) title.

  • Mockups of downloads or opt-ins.

  • Screenshots of videos.

  • Quotes pulled from your content.

Want some ideas for graphics? Check out this Pinterest board.

I take batching a little further - when I create my content (in my case, blogs), I go ahead and create 4 different pins to will link back to that content. Instead of wasting time creating a new pin once or twice a week, it’s part of my content creation process.

Since my profile is optimized for my audience and industry, I can typically re-pin each of my pins to at least 4+ boards on my profile, and I do this though Tailwind.

Tailwind lets me set up a “smart schedule” that pins my queue of content according to when my Pinterest audience is online. I have my schedule set to about 10 pins per day, which is a combination of my own pins and valuable pins from other online entrepreneurs I think will benefit my audience.

If you want to try Tailwind* for yourself, use my link and get a month for free!

So let’s do some math to see how Pinterest and Tailwind maximize your content.

I have one blog. I create 4 pins for that blog. I can pin each of those pins to at least 4 boards. That means:

For each blog I’m easily creating 16 pieces of content for Pinterest.

Not too shabby of a return on your time and effort.

About once per month I go in and fill up my Tailwind queue with my own pins, pins from Tailwind Tribes, and pins from my list of trusted peers.

For an entire month of content on Pinterest at about 10 pins per day, it takes me around an hour and 30 minutes to fill up my queue.

That’s 1.5 hours for about 300 pins on Pinterest.

As you try this for yourself, I suggest you document and tweak your systems and processes around content creation and batching. A finely-tuned process is going to save you even more time.

Personally, I find these workflows so much easier to explain via video screenshare - and that’s exactly what we’re doing in Pinterest PowerUp.

Next month I’m releasing a full video tutorial with screenshare (not slides), showing you exactly how I complete this re-purposing and batching process.

It’s all part of what Student and VIP Members get as part of their monthly membership, plus VIPs get a group coffee date so we can work through it and answer questions.


All of March in Pinterest PowerUp we’re talking about pinning and re-pinning strategies using Pinterest + Tailwind. We’re talking workflows, SmartLoops, Tailwind Tribes, interval settings - all of it!


So now it’s decision time, Rockstar.

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