How To Create a Tailwind SmartLoop for Your Best Pins

As a Pinterest marketing strategist that helps small business owners with their monthly Pinterest management, Tailwind is the one tool that I can’t live without. It’s so important, in fact, that it’s a requirement of my clients to work with me.

Why? Because Tailwind is the only pin-scheduler (approved by Pinterest) that not only keeps your pinning schedule consistent, but provides extra features to build your brand on Pinterest with Tailwind Tribes and SmartLoops.

All Pinterest PowerUp members get instant access to in-depth training and real-life strategies for how to use Tailwind to the fullest.

But if you only try one thing (besides your daily pinning schedule) with Tailwind, you need to set up a SmartLoop for your most popular pins.

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SmartLoop is a fairly new feature for Tailwind users. It’s been in beta testing for quite awhile, but it’s officially been released to all users.

Essentially, it allows you to automatically re-pin evergreen or seasonal content according to rules that you set up once.

Why is this even more of a fantastic time saver from Tailwind? Because it allows you to be even more consistent with your best content.

There are lots and lots of options you can set up - from multiple loops for different categories (i.e. Pinterest, Social Media, Holiday), to seasonal or evergreen loops.

To get you started, I’m showing you how to set up your first SmartLoop for your best content.

Just like any new features, SmartLoop can be a little glitchy, so have some patience. There are also a few key things to remember:

  • If you want to change the boards that a pin is looped to, the new rules won’t apply to any pins that are already part of the loop.

  • Make sure you use the custom schedule a set you pins to re-pin no more than once every 4 months to the same board, or you’ll risk getting marked as spam by Pinterest.

  • Don’t just set it and forget it! Check out your SmartLoop stats once per month to see what’s performing well or what needs adjusting.

Tailwind can do so much more and it’s an incredibly powerful tool.

It’s almost like having a Virtual Assistant for your Pinterest marketing.

Learn more about SmartLoop, plus exactly how I fill up my clients’ Tailwind queues every month and how to use Tailwind Tribes for greater content reach, inside the Pinterest PowerUp membership.

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