How To Make an Opt-In That Explodes Your Email List

If you’re an online entrepreneur, you probably know what an opt-in is. It’s also called a lead magnet, freebie, etc. Just in case you don’t happen to know - an opt-in is some sort of free, valuable content that you give to your audience in exchange for their email address.

The reality is, social media is a fantastic awareness tool, but it rarely converts directly to sales. By providing an opt-in, you are taking the first step in actually getting your audience into your sales funnel and tribe.

If you’ve heard me on any podcasts in the last year or so, I often talk about my ah-ha moment with Pinterest, and how I leveraged my most popular blog to drive email signups daily.

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Your goal is to connect and build relationships with your audience, which is much easier to do via an email list than posting on Instagram or Facebook.

Opt-ins are the perfect added value gift and build your “know, like, and trust factor”.

In the free video below (which was originally done in my Facebook Group), I walk you through the essential steps for creating an opt-in system.

It’s really important to me to teach my tribe not just the “what” but the “HOW” of executing on business ideas.

This is not another list of opt-in ideas - it’s a step-by-step process checklist so you can create the system behind your opt-ins quickly and easily.

Why do you need an opt-in system? Because all your creativity should be going into making the actual opt-in - not trying to remember how the hell to set up the proper automations in your email sequencing.

*ps, I do know the audio is not synced well in this video - 3rd party apps like for Facebook Live can do that!


Those steps again are:

  1. Create a tag in your email system

  2. Connect the tag to your email sequence

  3. Customize your confirmations/thank you’s

  4. Create a form to either embed on your site or hook up to Leadboxes

  5. Create a thank you page

Key elements of those steps:

  1. Deliver your opt-in right away

  2. The email sequence should be welcoming, informative, and give value

  3. Thank you page should invite more engagement

  4. Move subscribers at the end of their sequence to your newsletter list

Now it’s time to take action - because we all know you probably took notes and have some great ideas from watching the video.

The reality is, however, it’s going to take you a bunch of time to figure out how to set up all these pieces properly.

You don’t have to figure this out for yourself and waste any more time!

I’ve done it for you in Opt-In Awesomeness.

It costs less than dinner out - let alone the cost in time it would take you to map out this whole process on your own.


  • You create (or want to create) opt-ins to attract your target audience.

  • You use some sort of email program that allows you to set up forms and/or email sequences (like Mailchimp, Convertkit, or Active Campaign).

  • You want to stop giving your stuff away for free without using the signup data to your advantage.

Opt-In Awesomeness was straight-forward and easy to understand and follow. The fundamentals of setting this up were easily transferable to my email marketing software.
— Cat Paterson, The Straight Talking Ginger

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