It’s Here: The 90-Day Pinterest Success Roadmap

Sometimes it hard to know exactly where to start when you’re planning to launch a Pinterest marketing strategy. Sure, you might know you need a Pinterest business account, and you should probably create some pins for your own content or products...but after that it can get a little...well, fuzzy.

Which direction do you turn for best practices? How do you create pins? What boards should you have?

I don’t know about you, but it’s almost impossible to find the time to research how to start using a whole new marketing platform. That’s why Pinterest (or anything else you know you need to do) can keep falling off that to-do list - until it’s another year gone by and you didn’t take action.

I feel you, boss - and that’s why I created The 90-Day Pinterest Success Roadmap.

(TL;DR: Get a step-by-step roadmap for your Pinterest marketing strategy inside Pinterest PowerUp)

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Whether you are starting from the very beginning, or you started somewhere but let it all fall by the wayside - The 90-Day Pinterest Success Roadmap is designed to take you step-by-step from switching to or signing up for a business account, all the way to creating your first Promoted Pins campaign (that’s Pinterest’s paid advertising).

Imagine what you were doing in your business 3 months ago…

How many of those things were specific action items that led to more website traffic, more email subscribers, more sales, and/or more clients?

Now imagine 3 months from now - and what an impact a working, full, humming along marketing funnel could mean for you.

The 90 Day Pinterest Success Roadmap is your “treasure map” and go-to resource. It’s available for free as a pdf in the Free Rockstar Membership inside Pinterest PowerUp.

But I know you want an even faster shortcut to success.


Want more support?

As a Student Member of PPU, not only do you get the pdf of The 90-Day Pinterest Success Roadmap, you get video screenshare instructions for every step to make sure you know exactly what I’m telling you to do. You also get access to our Private Community to ask questions so you can keep moving and not get stuck.

Best of all?

Every single person that completes their 90-Day Pinterest Success Roadmap within 90 days of becoming a Student Member gets a personal feedback session on their Pinterest profile from me.


Pinterest PowerUp is the only Pinterest marketing resource you’ll ever need for your business.


Because it’s not a course - it’s an online learning community designed to keep you up to date and implementing all the latest Pinterest strategies while you network with other entrepreneurs.

No more searching on Pinterest for how to use Pinterest - only to find blogs that are 3 years old and out of date - because that’s crazy and frustrating, right?

No more wondering if you are doing it right - each video shows you exactly what to do click by click.


There’s so much more to being a Student Member of Pinterest PowerUp!

Like access to other courses and monthly training.


We’re going to start the year off right and get you set up for success!

So now it’s decision time, Rockstar.

Click the button below to find out if Pinterest PowerUp is your next best move, and either choose the Free Rockstar Membership to get The 90-Day Pinterest Success Roadmap pdf only…

Or sign up as a Student Member to get all the video training and personal help to go with it - plus all the other training and benefits you’ll receive.

Learn more about Pinterest PowerUp and grab your 90 Day Pinterest Success Roadmap.

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