Learn How To Think Like Your Audience On Pinterest

When you switch from being on Pinterest as a normal user, to using it for business marketing, sometimes your thinking about your target audience and how Pinterest functions can get a little murky.

As online entrepreneurs and small business owners, we go into “marketing-mode” - trying to keyword stuff to get the SEO right; trying to sell, sell, sell. Your strategy and results on Pinterest can go south really quickly that way.

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In “How To Unlock Powerful Marketing with Resolutions and Pinterest” I took a deep dive into how your client’s mindset is different when they’re on Pinterest vs. Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Twitter, etc.


When your client is on Pinterest, it’s because she’s had an idea. She’s looking for information, answers, and next steps. She’s created a board to keep all the scenery pics she’s inspired by for her side hustle. She has boards for her work wardrobe, hair ideas, and easy makeup tutorials. She has boards for healthy recipes, the next family road trip, and the bathroom remodel that’s going to happen someday.

Your client also has boards for how to create more time in her day, get more things done, create a self-care routine, run her side hustle like a boss, and market her products.

Your client goes to Pinterest to learn how to do something better, how to be better (even though she knows she doesn’t have to be perfect), how to improve some piece of her life.

She’s aspiring. She’s dreaming. She’s planning. She’s on Pinterest for a specific purpose.


Pinterest functions as a visual search engine - meaning that it uses keywords to find and categorize content and determine what content a user sees when they’re on Pinterest.

The keyword SEO practices of Pinterest function so well, in fact, that often Pinterest boards, pins, and profiles will show up in Google Search results. How awesome is that?

The most important part of finding your Pinterest keywords is learning how to think like your audience when they’re on Pinterest.

If you’re a service provider or product seller, you don’t simply sell the thing you’ve put a price on.

You are selling a solution.

Every entrepreneur goes into business because they want to solve a problem for people - and that’s where you start with your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Let me give you an example:

Cat is a Pinterest PowerUp student and a small business strengths coach. She teaches business owners how to run their business according to how they work best - to build their business around themselves and not the other way around.

Cat was having trouble finding her keywords on Pinterest. She was searching for terms like “business coach” and not having much come up in results.

Normally, this would lead someone to think that their audience must not be on Pinterest if they aren’t searching for what the business owner provides.

But Cat simply wasn’t thinking like her audience.


Cat needed to identify why her audience was going on Pinterest in the first place.

She needed to find the spot where her audience first identifies that they have a problem, which leads them to Pinterest for a solution.

For Cat, her audience goes on Pinterest because they’re a business owner that wants to improve something about how they work. They’re looking for how to be more productive, get through their to-do list, learn more about their personality traits, etc.

Her audience starts with a learning, improvement, DIY mindset.

Cat’s goal is for that audience to come across one of her pins that leads to a sought-after solution she’s providing.

She’s providing that solution in the form of a blog, or free quiz (in Cat’s case), or free downloads/templates.

The goal is once the audience is in her world, on her website, and reading about her knowledge and expertise, they consider hiring her when they’re ready.

Putting up a pin on Pinterest about the features and benefits of hiring Cat as a small business coach would get her nowhere fast.

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