Pinterest Business Spotlight: Content Marketing for Therapists

Meet Marissa Lawton: a self-branded content marketing strategist for clinicians and therapists.

I love that Marissa has niched into a very specific industry and is helping a traditional service-based, location-specific clientele reach more people online.

She was kind enough to answer my Pinterest business questionnaire so I could talk a little about Pinterest for her business and give her some profile tips.

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How long have you been in business?

8mo but this is my second time so it’s going smoothly this time around. Steady clients but looking to scale/automate.

When did you start using Pinterest for your business?

From the beginning.

What has been your most successful Pin for your own content so far?

What's your most embarrassing secret board?

Recipes for a cupcake business I never got around to starting.

What's the next thing you want to do or learn for your Pinterest strategy?

Driving consistent traffic so I can start to do evergreen launches. 


Marissa has the two most important elements of using Pinterest for business mostly dialed in: Keywords and graphics.

Marissa’s branding is on point and her graphic design style is consistent and great for Pinterest. She obviously uses a few key design templates for her pin graphics, which are going to be great for brand recognition and saving time for creating more content.

Her boards have specific titles and have keyword-rich descriptions, which is super important in getting her profile and content surfaced.


Overall, Marissa is off to the races with her Pinterest strategy. With a few adjustments and some solid processes going forward, she can make Pinterest into a big traffic-driver for her evergreen marketing!

A few things I would tweak:

Marissa’s profile description is cut off - there’s a 160 character limit for this section. She needs to tweak this description to not only be keyword-rich, but concise as well. It might take a few tries but it’s important to get this right!

PROTIP: If you are going to use a link in the profile description (or anywhere on your Pinterest profile - including pin descriptions) to direct people to a freebie or evergreen funnel, you may not use a short link (like - Pinterest sees this as spam.

Some of Marissa’s pin graphics (like her most popular pin) are low-res and fuzzy. While I’m not sure how she’s saving them or what program she’s using to create them, this is something to pay attention to in the future.

As you can see from the pin image above, her most popular pin was one that was saved by another user. She should create a few different versions (different graphics and different descriptions) that she continues to pin and re-pin on her own profile since it’s a popular piece of content.

Marissa’s pin graphics need a little more variety. She should create a few more graphic templates to use for each piece of content and each new pin for the same piece of content should have a slightly different description.

The most important suggestion for Marissa is that she needs to fill out her boards with more pins and be consistent with her pinning.

After keywords and graphics - consistency is the next most important element in getting your Pinterest profile found and you pins surfaced in the different Pinterest feeds.

Every social media marketing platform penalizes businesses for being inconsistent with posting, and Pinterest is no different.

If Marissa is using Tailwind* she can set up a Smart Schedule based on how many times she wants to pin per day. It will automatically set a schedule for when her audience is online and pinning. It does not matter if you’re pinning 5x a day or 50x a day - the key is consistency. 

Until Marissa gets used to creating pins and using Tailwind, I would set up a Smart Schedule of 5x per day, with the goal of at least 1 of those pins being her own content.

*NOTE: When you tell Tailwind how many times you want to post per day, it will set a schedule for over the course of a week. You might have days where there are less pins and days that have more pins - but it will average out to how many times you set your schedule for. Try Tailwind for free using my link above!

Marissa also needs to “space out” her pins (which is what Tailwind enables you to do), instead of pinning the same pins all at once. If you pin the same pins all at once, you risk Pinterest flagging your account as spam.

While Marissa has great, specific boards, she should create a brand board of only her pins and set it to be the top left board in her profile. She should also set her boards to be sorted by “drag and drop” and move the group boards she’s on to after her own boards.

Marissa is focused on driving traffic to set up an evergreen funnel. She should be careful of the term “launching” however, as Pinterest does not like time-sensitive content and you can’t promote a pin connected to a date-based launch.

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I would aim for a solid 3 months of consistent pinning via Tailwind to boost her profile before she considers Promoted Pins or focusing on evergreen funnels.

Once she is pinning consistently she should start with Promoted Pins to kick that content upgrade into overdrive.

Thank you to Marissa for participating in this Pinterest Business Spotlight and for everything she does for her incredible community!


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