Pinterest Business Spotlight: Custom Wedding Invitations

Meet Kristen Becker: The creative and talented genius behind Five Dot Design - a custom wedding stationery studio. Seriously - this woman has more creativity in her pinkie finger than I do in my whole being.

Full Disclosure: Kristen not only hired me to clean up her Pinterest profile, but she’s one of my Pinterest PowerUp students and we’ve been working on her Pinterest strategy for awhile.

I can’t talk about Kristen’s Pinterest profile without mentioning that Kristen had more boards on her profile than anyone I had ever - EVER - seen. I wish I had thought to get a screenshot because it was unreal. It’s now an inside joke we laugh about constantly!

She was kind enough to answer my Pinterest business questionnaire so I could talk a little about Pinterest for her business and give her some profile tips.

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How long have you been in business?

Almost 10 years.

When did you start using Pinterest for your business?

I started to use Pinterest properly and seriously as a potential revenue driver last year. BUT, I’ve always HAD Pinterest - I signed up from the very beginning to reserve my handle for my business, but really only used it for recipes I would never make and outfits I would never buy.

What has been your most successful Pin for your own content so far?

Personally successful is my burgundy velvet suite HGTV found on Pinterest and featured (!!!):

Pinterest successful is (most saved, best in search and power pin) is this REALLY OLD invitation:

What's your most embarrassing secret board?

An entire board of fun and weird soccer socks #soccermom #coacheswife.

What's the next thing you want to do or learn for your Pinterest strategy?

Though I love numbers and data, I get overwhelmed by it easily, so I would love to take all the data I've collected across my social media platforms, drill down, and launch a smart promoted pin campaign.


Kristen and I have been working on Pinterest for her business for over a year now - she’s one of my biz besties, a student, and a fellow entrepreneur in a mastermind group we both invested in.

Kristen decided to hire me initially because she knew her profile needed to be organized and optimized. She’s in a “classic” Pinterest industry - weddings - and felt she was missing the boat on taking advantage of all that Pinterest could offer for her marketing.

Her boards and keywords are on point on her Pinterest profile and her graphics are dialed in - all gold stars there! She has a great mix of her own content and curated content, as well as specific board titles.

Kristen is also a fantastic case study on how getting your Pinterest profile optimized with keywords gets you found! HGTV - yes, HGTV - reached out to her because they found one of her custom invitations on Pinterest and wanted to feature it. 

Can you say happy dance??


Overall, Kristen is rocking her Pinterest marketing strategy. Even though it’s getting a bit disorganized again, she has enough skills and knowledge at this point to keep it working well for her.

The one thing I would tweak:

Kristen is starting to let those random personal boards sneak in again - I see what you’re doing there Kristen!

Pinterest has rolled out the new Followers feed, so having on-brand boards are more important for who you’re attracting to your profile. Kristen doesn’t want followers that are interested in her board about treehouses - she wants people interested in her products and services. It’s a simple toggle switch in the board setting to set it to “secret”.

Kristen is totally ready step it up with Promoted Pins.

She needs to drill down into her Google Analytics to see which pins are driving the most traffic from Pinterest.

For a quick and easy way to figure that out, check out this blog on creating a Pinterest segment.

I would start by picking the landing page or product that is the biggest traffic-driver and creating a set of 4 different pin graphics that go back to that page. 

The key here is making sure the landing page has some sort of easy freebie (not just a newsletter popup) that people can sign up for - even if they’re not ready to buy the product.

Thank you to Kristen for participating in this Pinterest Business Spotlight!


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