Pinterest Business Spotlight: Small Business Strengths Coach

Meet Cat Paterson: The Straight Talking Ginger and Strengths Detective for Entrepreneurs.

Full Disclosure: Cat is one of my Pinterest PowerUp students and we’ve been working on her Pinterest strategy for awhile.

Cat is building a reputation as a quiz-master and has set up an awesome evergreen funnel with Pinterest.

She was kind enough to answer my Pinterest business questionnaire so I could talk a little about Pinterest for her business and give her some profile tips.

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How long have you been in business?

5 years.

When did you start using Pinterest for your business?


What has been your most successful Pin for your own content so far?

What's your most embarrassing secret board?

All things Redheaded.

What's the next thing you want to do or learn for your Pinterest strategy?

Refine evergreen funnels to bring consistent income from my pins.


I happen to know a lot more about Cat and her business than I normally would with a Pinterest Business Spotlight - she’s one of my biz besties, a student, and a fellow entrepreneur whom I’ve been bugging for years to get on Pinterest.

Cat (finally) decided to start using Pinterest for her business this year, and we have worked extensively on setting her up a functional, high-converting evergreen funnel.

She’s a strengths coach, and has developed a free quiz for entrepreneurs to help them discover their archetype strengths to run their businesses better. 

Her boards and keywords are on point on her Pinterest profile and her graphics are dialed in - all gold stars there!

Cat was also the case study for Promoted Pins vs. Facebook Ads - if you haven’t read it yet, you’ll be shocked at her ROI.


Overall, Cat is well on her way with her Pinterest strategy. She has set up her evergreen funnel first and I know she has it working well.

A few things I would tweak:

Cat has her archetype boards that relate to her quiz all set - but instead of further refining her funnel just yet with more Promoted Pins, I would recommend filling in her profile with foundational boards.

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What are foundational boards? They are boards relating to her industry and/or services that hit popular searches on Pinterest.

Examples for her profile could include boards around:

  • Productivity

  • Tools for Entrepreneurs

  • Marketing

  • Office Decor/Desk Accessories

Cat also needs a “brand board” that contains only pins that go back to her site. Once one of her pins is pinned on the closest subject board, it should then be put in her Tailwind* queue to go to any other applicable boards and her brand board.

Once Cat has filled in her profile a bit more, she can step it up with Promoted Pins.

Cat and I have worked on different ways to split-test different campaign elements and my recommendation would be to create more pin graphics that go to her quiz to test.

Thank you to Cat for participating in this Pinterest Business Spotlight!


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