Pinterest is a Small Business’ Dream - What You Need to Know

There are few online marketing efforts that work as well for small business owners as Pinterest does. Why? There are 3 big reasons:

  1. It’s not “social media” - it’s a visual search engine based on keywords (SEO).

  2. It’s designed to get people to click through to your website, not keep you on their platform.

  3. It’s capable of generating revenue for your business both ON and OFF their platform.


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Most small businesses can seriously move the needle on their website traffic, list-building efforts, and product sales with Pinterest.

It does take the right strategy, planning, and understanding that Pinterest is a long-term marketing plan (meaning it won’t happen overnight).

Here are the main factors you need to check off to determine if your small business or brand is ready for Pinterest:


Do you have a website? This one may seem obvious but it’s probably the most important piece. Pinterest is specifically designed to have users click through to your content and products. If you don’t have a website then that’s all kind of a moot point.

This is also a great push to make sure your website has a great customer experience flow and is ready to optimize that traffic.


Whether you’re an online entrepreneur teaching your expertise through blogging and how-to guides, or you’re a product maker - you have to have one or both of these going for you to really take advantage of all Pinterest has to offer. You don’t want to drive traffic to a site that has nothing for the user to consume.


Even if you’re not selling anything on your website, Pinterest is a fantastic tool for building your email list. Your list will help you build a closer relationship with that potential customer, so you can nurture them until they are ready to buy.

This is a great time to make sure your email marketing is set up with a short welcome series when people sign up for your lead magnet/opt-in. What’s a lead magnet or opt-in? So glad you asked!


The promise of a valuable and interesting newsletter just doesn’t convert like it used to. Now, that doesn’t mean once someone is on your list they won’t love your newsletter, but they need more incentive nowadays to open their inbox to you.

Providing a free, valuable lead magnet or opt-in (same thing, different terms) is that incentive. It can be a checklist, a pdf guide, and e-book, and template - whatever. It’s something that makes their life easier and showcases your expertise.

Check out my most popular opt-in ever.

Pinterest users are less likely to go straight from a pin to buy something on your site. Driving traffic to a free lead magnet that get them on your list and let’s you build a relationship is an easy marketing funnel that WORKS - and works really well - with Pinterest.

I have a super easy quiz for you to take (it’s all of 7 yes/no questions) that will tell you if you’re ready to take advantage of Pinterest as a small business owner.

The good news is, even if you don’t hit all the checkmarks for being 100% ready, there are lots of easy tweaks you can make quickly to get there!

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