Social Media Email Course: Smart + Actionable Steps For Businesses


My business has gone through a ton of changes in the last year - namely that I am choosing to niche-down into Pinterest Marketing for my services and my clients. To that end, I am no longer offering the free social media email course.

While I’m no longer focused on general social media (you can read more about why here), I AM offering tons of resources - like content planning and blog marketing, plus other tools to make entrepreneurship easier - in my Free Rockstar Membership for Pinterest PowerUp. PPU is a membership community for online entrepreneurs and the only Pinterest marketing resource you will ever need for your business!

I AM still using and teaching the same principles around content planning and marketing.

In fact, I have 4 Content Planning videos, a workbook, and a planning template all bundled up for you inside Pinterest PowerUp.

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If you're like many entrepreneurs, social media marketing is an overwhelming to-do that keeps falling off the list. You'll get to it later, you register for a webinar you don't attend, and it's a little black cloud of "should be" hanging over your business plan.

By this time each year, your goals may have gotten a little fuzzy, and wrapping your head around social media is a distant dream.

Whether you are halfway down a disorganized road with your social media plan, or you want to start off on the right foot for your business, the key is having a strong foundation that will grow with your marketing plan.

I promise it's not as hard as you think - it simply takes and understanding of the key steps and putting small pieces into action.

Like anything that can get off track easily, social media requires constant reevaluation, refreshing, and pruning.

Social media is an integral part of your brand and website, and needs just as much care and planning as any other marketing you do for your business.

You might have had on your list for the new year to get your social media in order. Maybe you have established accounts, but you need to get rid of old info and tighten up your strategy. Or maybe you’re just starting your brand/business and you want to start on the right foot before you get too far down the wrong path.

It is always a good time to get your social media marketing in order - and we are going to eat that elephant one bite-sized snack at a time. 


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