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I have mad respect for any person that is trying to build a business from home to contribute to their family. Sometimes the drive is financial - sometimes it's an entrepreneurial drive. Either way, you are taking a risk, pushing through your fear, and getting behind a product you believe in.

Network marketing is also called "multi-level marketing" (MLM), or consumer direct marketing. If you are not in this business, you've probably heard of some of them - Mary Kay, Shakeology, Silpada, etc. There are many different types of business opportunities and ways they are structured. Essentially, you are selling a product direct to the consumer (cutting out retail) and building your "downline" of recruits to expand your selling network.

In the last few months, I have been reached out to by no less than 5 people who are in an MLM business. Only one of these people is someone I know well - the rest are acquaintances on Facebook that I pretty much never talk to. I have been hit up on Facebook messenger, emailed, and one brave sould even texted my cell phone.


Painful for me to graciously decline and surely painful for them in trying to build a business. The sad thing is I get the distinct impression their "upline" and corporate-provided training is telling them to use these tactics.

"Reach out to anyone you have ever talked to ever by any means available."

As a social media strategist and coach, I want to pull my hair out - then take these hard-working ladies out to lunch and give them a roadmap for how to use social media more effectively. It would mean so much to me if even one kickass woman didn't give up because she was able to build an interested, authentic social following around a product she believes in.


My focus is no longer on social media education in general, so I've decided not to refresh this course with my new branding.



I'm going to let you in on one of the biggest ways you can help market your product within the social media constraints of your MLM corporate policies. 


I'll say it again....


Most MLM's won't let you run a website with a blog, or incorporate your Instagram and Twitter feeds into your corporate-provided website. You're also probably tired of posting the same Facebook content that corporate suggests and gets little to no response. If your corporate policy does actually allow you to blog - get to it woman!

Do a 5 minute video once or twice a week talking about how your product fits into your life and upload it to YouTube. If you are in makeup/skincare do a tutorial. If you are in weight loss/nutrition do a recipe or meal plan. If you're in jewelry do an accessory of the week that you wear with a different outfit every day. The possibilities are endless.

Here's the catch: NO SELLING

Absolutely none of this: "On special today only!", "This month's package deal!", "End of season clearance!"

There are 3 big-time reasons you should do product videos (without talking all sales-y):

1) You are building the Know, Like, and Trust factor essential to building a business. 
If someone in your audience likes you and trusts you, they will buy from you instead of someone else when they are ready. When you start doing the sales pitch, people either tune out or question the product.

2) The product speaks for itself.
If you truly love and believe in what you are selling, your video demonstration will sell itself. Anyone watching will know what you are selling and make the decision on their own.

3) You can send the videos to your email list.
Email marketing is one of the only ways you can ensure you are reaching your audience directly. With engagement numbers around 1% on most social media networks, you never know if someone is going to actually see what you're posting. If you have an email list, no matter how small, you can start showcasing your product in a real and authentic way directly to your audience.


Did you know that video is the #1 type of content to get reach and engagement on social media networks? Did you know that video ads on Facebook are the best-performing ads?

Here's another major rule about posting video that you might not know....

Facebook and YouTube are fighting for world video domination (dun dun DUN). If you want your video to perform better on Facebook, upload the video file directly to Facebook instead of posting the YouTube link. These two really don't play nice in the sandbox.

Putting this one big content plan into action is going to give you serious traction on social media if you are consistent and patient (read: keep doing it and don't give up after a month!).

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