The Essential Tools You Need To Run A Membership Site

I created Pinterest PowerUp way back in 2017/2018 as a typical online course. I launched it with a small group of beta-testers to get feedback on the content and test the market.

What I quickly realized was, since Pinterest is an online app that is constantly changing and improving - I was having to update my course content - A LOT.

It didn’t seem to make sense to charge a one-time fee for content I was constantly having to spend time and money updating.

I also learned that what my students loved the most about Pinterest PowerUp was the opportunity to have group calls with me to discuss updates, work on strategies, get feedback, and learn.

Then I read the book Surge by Mike Michalowicz - about spotting trends before they’re over-saturated - and the idea to re-create Pinterest PowerUp as a membership was born.

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Pinterest PowerUp is the first Pinterest marketing membership designed for online entrepreneurs.

Running a membership as part of my business is way different than creating and selling an online course.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons since launching in December 2018, and I know which tools are essential to keep Pinterest PowerUp working well for both me and my members.

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The Membership Academy

When I first started considering switching Pinterest PowerUp from a course to a membership, I dug into researching everything I could about planning and running memberships.

At first I came across a lot of the “Entrepreneur Bros” (you know what I mean) that were promoting their “how to make millions with memberships” programs - using cart open/close, huge paid ads budgets, scarcity marketing, and their buddy’s email lists.


Then I found The Membership Academy. This husband and wife team (Mike + Callie) not only run a successful membership site about memberships, but they both have podcasts that are well worth listening to.

The Membership Guys Podcast - is made up of bite-sized episodes that answer lots of questions about planning, building, and running a membership site. It’s my favorite podcast to listen to in the morning while I’m getting ready.

In fact, I wish I had listened to more of Mike’s episodes before I launched Pinterest PowerUp because he addresses a lot of issues and considerations that came up later for me.

The Membership Academy is a massive resource for anyone building a membership site. Not only do they have an extensive library of training, they have exclusive discounts, live Q+A calls, and an active community forum.


Deciding how and where to create your membership site can be a daunting decision. Comparing features, costs, and user experience can make you cross-eyed!

Some people choose to create a custom site using Wordpress, themes, and lots of tools and plugins. While that does give you a lot of custom control, I knew I didn’t have the bandwidth to take that on.

After comparing Podia and Teachable, I decided on Podia to host Pinterest PowerUp for several reasons:

  • All-in-one hosting of courses, downloads, and memberships.

  • All-inclusive price - NO nickel-and-diming you for extra features.

  • Intuitive and easy to use platform.

  • NO transaction fees - cha-ching!

  • Unlimited everything - no file size or type issues.


The customer support I’ve experienced every time I have a question or need help is second to none. The one and only time I had an issue that wasn’t resolved, the owner of Podia stepped in personally and took care of it.

After having met their Marketing Director, Len, at Craft + Commerce, I can’t see ever wanting switch to another membership platform. Just. Good. People.

Check out Podia for yourself!

Speaking of Craft + Commerce, that leads me to my third essential tool for running Pinterest PowerUp.


ConvertKit is my chosen email marketing company and I love them.

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I attended their conference for creators - Craft + Commerce - in 2019 and loved it so much I immediately bought my ticket for 2020.

Like Podia, they are good people, and I can’t foresee switching to another email marketing provider.

But besides being good people, their software and the services they provide are the best. I am in ConvertKit almost daily, working on emails, sequences, and maintaining a healthy subscriber list.

Using ConvertKit allows me to target, tag, segment, and create automated workflows for my audience (to lead them to Pinterest PowerUp) and for my Pinterest PowerUp members.

Try ConvertKit for 30 days for free!

I also have in-depth training inside Pinterest PowerUp on using email marketing (specifically ConvertKit) to build your email list with Pinterest and opt-ins.

Other Tools:

There are other tools and apps I use that help me run Pinterest PowerUp, but I don’t consider them essential - meaning I could make other choices to accomplish similar tasks.

These are totally worth mentioning:

Canva - graphics for marketing and creating opt-ins.

Facebook Groups - currently serving as my community forums.

Bonjoro - sending personal welcome videos to each new Pinterest PowerUp member.

Zoom - hosting our monthly group mastermind calls.

Are you considering a membership as part of your business? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments below.

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