The Ultimate Self-Care Mompreneur Gift Guide


Being a mompreneur (to me) means that you can literally do anything. The mental, emotional, and physical fortitude it requires to balance all the things involved in that commitment is unreal.

There’s been a lot of back-and-forth the last few years about whether the term “mompreneur” is insulting, overused, etc. I do not hang my hat on being a mompreneur - I am a CEO, building my business, becoming a master at prioritizing, and I’m also a wife and a mom - it’s simply one piece.

In a word - I’m ambivalent about the term - however it’s a convenient term to convey that I’m a mom running a business.

While I might be ambivalent and you won’t find me holding up that torch as my identity... if you’re not a mom, you don’t quite understand the struggle of trying to put yourself first (sorry, it’s true).

I remember the first time I had to decide if I was going to shower OR eat OR sleep (not even 2 out of 3 - you get ONE). That was one of the biggest shifts in perspective about how to prioritize and survive I have ever experienced.

As I prepare for the arrival of Baby #2, I am fully aware that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M IN FOR with juggling 2 kiddos while running a business.

Here’s what I do know:

  • I have no idea how baby will be sleeping and when I’ll be able to put together a grammatically correct sentence.
  • I’m going to go through at least 2 months of having to choose shower, or eat, or sleep every single day.
  • Leggings and dry shampoo will be my friends.
  • I will go through another shift (maybe temporarily, maybe not) in what’s the most important thing for me and my family at any given moment.

The fog of the first few months will eventually wear off (maybe sooner; here’s hoping?) and I’ll be back to rocking and rolling with my business like a boss with an even more developed set of skills.

Having spent the last 4 years as an entrepreneur running a small business, I have settled into a self-care routine and a list of a few things I can’t live without. These vary from pure self-care to things that help me in business.

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My eyes open in the morning and the routine begins. Get kiddo out of bed, get her breakfast, get dressed and ready while daddy gets her ready, make my coffee, head out the door for dropoff.

We are a well-oiled machine of routine and efficiency in the morning - at least until this summer when Baby #2 arrives and I won’t know what day it is.

I shower in the evening (because I want 15 f-ing minutes to take a hot shower without being interrupted or rushed), so my morning routine is minimal and totally do-able. I don’t know who these crazy people are that wake up at 5am to do an hour-long morning routine, but I can’t focus on myself until kiddo is OUT of the house.

Here are my morning essentials:



From leaving the house to getting back home and sitting down at my desk is usually an hour. I have several things I do (almost in an OCD way) to signal to my brain that it is time to work and put on my CEO hat.

I turn on my lights and salt lamp. I don’t know if I believe in the health/environment benefits people tout about salt lamps, but I do love the ambiance.

Then I either light a yummy-smelling candle or set up my diffuser. I’ll do different combinations of oils depending on my mood, but I’m loving orange, peppermint, and clove right now. I’m not an essential oils guru or seller - I just love my office smelling good!

Then I do 15-minutes of mediation using and take a couple minutes to write in a journal.

Next is always checking my Day Designer for my to-do list and what’s on deck for the day, plus checking Acuity for any client meetings or appointments (which I get for free through Squarespace!).

PS - Day Designer just launched their new designs for their 2018-2019 planners...they’re gorgeous!

Finally, I make sure I’ve got water, usually another Bulletproof Coffee (BPC) and I put on liptstick to signify to myself that I am at work and ready to rock.

On the occasional day I have to rush back to my office, plop down in my chair and hit the ground running, my day always feels discombobulated and stressful. I actually no longer book appointments before 9:30AM so I know I’ll have plenty of time to set myself up for the day.


My salt lamp provides a soft glow and cozy ambiance.
My diffuser helps wake me up and I love my office smelling yummy. for both meditation and focus.
I love this lipstick for all day wear and to signal to myself that I'm at work.
My gorgeous Day Designer (I have the classic black and white stripe) for my to-do list and daily schedule.
Acuity Scheduling for checking on client appointments and other meetings.



...and then I blink at it’s time to go pick up the kiddo from school. I pick her up around 4PM, and from then until about 7/7:30PM is pure family time.

Kids are not the only ones who need time to transition to different parts of their day. Adults do too! If it’s a nice day we stop at the park and get the wiggles out. If it’s not, we go home and relax on the couch or even snuggle in bed until dinner.

Getting the kiddo her own headphones while she does ABC Mouse (online learning games) was the best cheap-o purchase ever. We can enjoy each other's company while both being quiet and decompressing a bit. While she does that I usually either catch up on social media from my phone or read.

Once daddy gets home we usually decide that we should probably eat something resembling healthy food. Full disclosure: I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, meal prep, or in general taking more than 5-10 minutes to prepare anything. I also hate leftovers and if it has more than 5 ingredients I am never going to make it.

Several months ago, I jumped on the Ketogenic Diet bandwagon (the Bulletproof Coffee thing was kind of the start of that).

I am not saying this way of eating is right for everyone, but what I can tell you is that (prior to getting knocked up) I was the healthiest and slimmest I’d ever been in my adult life. Still healthy, not so slim right now...

I’d battled chronic inflammation, weight, anxiety, and fatty liver disease since my early 20’s. After eating keto for about 4 months, my blood work was entirely within normal ranges for each test (like cholesterol, A1C, vitamin D, etc) for the first time EVER. In addition, doctors had discovered 2 spots on my liver when I had to have my gallbladder removed about 4 years of those spots has completely disappeared after switching to keto and cutting out sugar and flour.

I am not crazy-keto (I don’t count macros or pee on ketosis test strips), but I know what foods are yay or nay and have found a few cookbooks that make it super easy. When all else fails, I’m totally ok with having ham and cheese rollups, a handful of nuts, and something resembling a vegetable for dinner.

More full disclosure: My hubby attempted keto for about 5 minutes and my kiddo is 5 (meaning what she likes and doesn’t changes every damn day) - dinner time tends to be everyone on their own, maybe at the same-ish time, maybe not.

I see no reason to stress over meal prep, figuring out what we’re doing for dinner at noon, trying to sit down while everyone’s food is still hot, and making three different meals. Nope, nope, nope.

Finding a way of eating that has had incredible impact on my health (and my clear-headedness) for the better, and letting go of being Susie Homemaker with dinner time has been fabulous for my own self-care.



Then it’s bath, teeth, storytime, and bed for kiddo every single night between 7-7:30 PM.

She craves the routine, knows what to expect, and we know we’re going to have time to ourselves.


Me Time could mean either time with my hubby, or truly time just to myself.

There are usually one or two nights a week where not only do I not feel like talking, but I don’t even really want to be around anyone (can you say INFJ??).

Fortunately, my hubby knows me well enough to not take it personally and do be totally fine doing his own thing too.


  • Keto cake in a mug - I make this so much I have a recipe on a post-it inside my cupboard.
  • Reading - I switch back and forth between business/personal development and fiction.
  • Netflix - I don’t care if I could be working, I have no desire to be Gary V.
  • Hot shower - again 15 damn minutes without being interrupted or rushed.
  • The Five Minute Journal - close out to the day and reflection time.


If you’re a fellow mompreneur, or you have one in your life that needs some TLC, lots of the links above will send you directly to shopping for that product.



  • Kindle Unlimited Subscription
  • Slippers (I’m never wearing shoes in my home office, even if I do wear lipstick)
  • Bath Bombs (I’m a shower gal, but I do love to occasional bath when kiddo is out of the house - in fact I’ve done that in the middle of the day)
  • Hydrating Mask (I do this once a week)
  • Face Scrub (I found this at Target and the lemon scent is so delicious)

Or let’s face it - I’m never one to turn down a facial or a massage.

I hope this (longer than intended) blog gave you some great ideas for how to incorporate more self-care into your crazy mompreneur routine.

I love hearing from people about their routines and how they balance it all - join my free group: Rockstar Solopreneurs and tell me about your self-care!


*This post does contain affiliate links. I would never, ever recommend anything I haven't used and loved. Affiliate links are no-cost to you and support my caffeine habit*


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