The Webinar + Course Problem: the truth about why it’s not working for you

Like many other solopreneurs, I embarked upon my small business journey trying to consume every piece of content I could find to help me figure out how to do my job better and how to run a business successfully.

I have a folder on my desktop titled “Resources + Education” that is bursting at the seams with free downloads, templates, and swipe files. You too? Good, I’m not alone here.

I have spent countless - I mean countless - hours on free webinars that promised the key to [fill in the blank], only to be left with maaaaybe one piece of good information and 30 minutes of upselling bullshit.

I have invested thousands over the last 2 years in education from experts - only one of which delivered. The last course I paid for was a $1,000 Facebook Ads course (marked down just for me for a limited time to $500). After watching every single damn video I discovered that the entire course imparted one - ONE - piece of knowledge I didn’t already know and implement.

I don’t know about you, but if you’ve had a similar online entrepreneur experience, you might be as fed the f*ck up as I am.

I’ve discovered a few things in the last several months, and a movement and solution have been brewing in the back of my busy brain.

The Webinar + Course Problem -

The Problem:

I have conducted free webinars and put together hefty courses (just like the “experts”), thinking that if I’m offering more - more information, more tools, just...MORE - I’ll make the kind of money they say they’re making.

»Maybe if I have a shiny white desk with flowers and gold paperclips and wear red lipstick everyday I'll get some of that magic "I have my shit together" pixie dust.

»Maybe if I download one more swipe file and use it whilst sipping a latte out of a cute coffee mug I'll finally "get it".

»Maybe if I work 14 hours a day instead of 12 hours a day I'll finally have that six-figure launch and be able to pin more kids crafts on Pinterest. Sorry my sweet kiddo, I can't come read you another bedtime story - mama's got to work.

That one stings.

After several failed attempts and a very candid discussion with one or two of my business BFFs, I (we) realized that the secret to their success seemed to be more about the joint marketing, affiliate partnerships, and cross-community leveraging than about the quality of their products.

You likely have seen this before…

Some bigger-name online entrepreneur sends you an email about their new launch. You get a series of emails over the course of a couple weeks with how great and amazing their program is with a bunch of testimonials.

Then you start noticing that several other people you follow/get emails from are also talking about this person’s launch - how amazing their program is and how it’s not to be missed.

You start seeing ads everywhere and the highly-produced videos are being released every few days touting the program and how you’ll get super exclusive pricing. You are sucked in.

The launch day comes and you get hit with the super exclusive price. You suck your breath in and think, “Ok, if these big names are all talking about it and so many people are making money, I’d be silly to not invest in this for my business.”

You click BUY NOW!

As you start going through whatever course or program, you realize that while there are some good things in there, they don’t really apply to your business.

Or you’re confused and when you try to reach out for help Mr. or Ms. “Authentic” won’t respond.

Or worse yet, some of the material you’ve paid for is an upsell to a program from one of their partners - you know, if you’re REALLY serious about making money.

Your solopreneur insecurity starts creeping in amidst the disappointment.

You go back to the drawing board with less time and less money.

glass ceiling heidi roizen quote -

The Solution:

If you read through that and thought, “Oh damn, yep that’s exactly what I’ve done!” - rest assured you are not alone.

I - along with my cohorts Dre Beltrami and Cat Paterson - run profitable, successful online businesses. Despite being extremely knowledgable in our fields and having a healthy client roster, we can’t seem to break through to the next level. 

We don’t have the big-name leverage or the thousands of dollars to spend on ads. We know we are not alone in the constant bombardment of the shiny bullshit course/program stuff right now that’s leaving us feeling unempowered and frustrated.

What we do have is a whole bunch of know how that works for our clients and a bullshit meter that is pegged.

We have each other - and that includes YOU.

We have put our collective know-how together to help all of us get to the next level as online entrepreneurs.

In the coming weeks we are going to start tagging our real-life, behind-the-scenes, no bullshit, solopreneur struggles on Instagram and Twitter with:


We invite you to do the same + join our not-to-be-messed-with Posse.

Our mission is to be a posse that is refreshingly upfront and ready to shake things up in the name of evening out the playing field.

Show us your hustle, your wins, your struggles, everything that makes your business yours. Tell us where you are with your business and we will do our damndest to help, support, and empower you.

No feeling alone, no being fed sugar-sprinkled shit and calling it a cupcake (thank you Cat for that one).

More help is on the way.

We are unveiling a schedule of Facebook Live broadcasts on each of our pages designed to help all of you gain movement in your business, as well as a simple website to let you know how you can get more involved.

Sign up below and we’ll let you know our upcoming schedule of events.


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