They're On My Email List - Now What??

When thinking of your email list I want you to think of everyone on it like they’re a person your dating.

Let’s start with THE most important email sequence you need for your email list. The Welcome Sequence.

So your landing page or opt-in box, is kinda like asking for the first date. Getting the person's number--or in this case their email.

The Welcome Sequence (aka The Nurture Sequence) is the honeymoon dating portion.

You've got the Welcome Email (the first date), The Story Email (they liked you so they want to get to know you more), The Best Content Email (what to you have to offer them), Invite to an Amazing Freebie (do they want to keep this going and take it to the next step in the relationship).

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The Welcome Sequence


The welcome email is where you set the expectations of what's to come and give them what they opt-ed in for. How often are you going to be emailing them? What things will you be emailing them about? Tell them a little bit about yourself but not all of it. You want to save most of your story for the next email.

You'll also want to let them know how they can stay connected to you on your other platforms. Do you have a FREE Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Instagram account, etc.


This is the email where you tell them what happened to get you where you were today.

What was the struggle or problem or what happened to you?

What happened that helped you solve that or made you make the decision to change something?

And now you're doing XYZ because you learned XYZ?

Don't give them the how though. Just give them the what. What did you do to solve the problem and get you from A to Z. The how would be solved in your paid offers.

"I had launched my first course with a webinar and it tanked. No sales on that webinar.

Luckily I had started building an email list and those webinar registrants were on there.

I sent out a series of emails following that webinar and ended up making 5 sales. My email list was my saving grace. Without it I wouldn't have made anything.

I then learned everything I could about email marketing and now teach others to do the same."

Now this is a very condensed version of what your story email should be. Make sure to add in the details and emotions that make it a story.

You also want YOUR story to CONNECT with your audience on a problem they are having. Your story email is more about them then you. It shows them you understand them and were having the same problems and you could help them.

At the end of that email you want to give them another valuable freebie. It could be a cheat sheet, checklist, a pre-recorded training you had done, etc.


In this email I like to direct the subscriber to my 3 best pieces of content that are related to what they opt-ed in for.

This is going to continue to build the know, like and trust factor and help to continue to establish you as an expert.


In this email you're going to invite them to a high value FREE training. A pre-recorded webinar, challenge or other high value FREE training.

This can be a lead in to a sales pitch in that FREE training if you have an evergreen product.

Alright so you made it through the honeymoon period and they still love ya! The next step is to continue to grow that relationship and we do that with weekly emails.

The Weekly Emails

Once they've been through your welcome sequence you want to then add them to your regular weekly emails for the segment that they opt-ed in for.

For example, if you teach on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. If they opt-ed in for just the Pinterest emails then you want to add them to that weekly email segment.

By emailing them weekly and content they actually want, you'll again build that know like and trust factor. You'll stay top of mine and because you're showing up weekly to continue building the relationship they're likely to become a buyer.

You’ve grown that relationship and you know you want to stick together. The next step in a serious relationship is the engagement. And the engagement part of your relationship in your email list is when you warm them up to a paid offer.

The Warm Up Emails

Warm up emails are sent out to your list prior to launching your product service or offer.

Think of this as an airplane runway. The longer the runway the better the takeoff.

Meaning the longer your warm up the better your sales will be.

I usually like to do about a 4 week warm-up for my launches. I create 4 blog posts specific to the product I'm launching and send an email to my list once a week directing people to those blog posts.

If everything goes well, they agree to “get engaged”, you’ve created and grown a good relationship then the next step would be marriage. The marriage part of your email list is when they buy from you. And that my friends is for another day because it’s a whole blog post in itself. 😊

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