Three Essential Strategies For Building Your Business With Instagram

Today's guest expert, Kelsey Chapman joins us to chat about Instagram.

Just three years ago, I was a fledgling entrepreneur spreading my wings and getting my “side hustle” off the ground. I knew it was important to utilize social media to spread my message, but I had no idea how integral Instagram would be to my success.

In three short months, I was able to grow my reach to 10k followers online, and within the year I had amassed more than 40,000 followers — followers that were turning into customers like hotcakes. How’s that for getting your message out there?

I quickly became enamored by the possibilities of helping entrepreneurs like myself reach more people with their message, product, services, etc. And it was at that point that I took on my very first client. 

Since that fateful day in December of 2015, I now have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs as they build their platform online, using my tool of choice, Instagram. I’ve learned a thing or two along the way, including these three important strategies that will be the game changer in your quest to maximize this platform.

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Identify Your Niche

This may sound simple, but Instagram is about so much more than how beautifully styled your feed is or how many followers you have. 

It is important to gain the right type of followers on this platform, not just fluffy numbers. Similar to needing the right kind of customer to walk into the door of a local business, you need to attract the right type of followers for your business online - those who are most likely to convert to a customer. 

Furthermore, similar to developing your customer segment when building your business plan, you need to do the same for your online presence. Ask yourself these questions about your ideal follower:

  • Who is your ideal customer?

  • Where do they live?

  • What is their average income?

  • Are they male or female?

  • What’s their age?

  • What are ways they enjoy spending time?

Target The Right Audience

Now that we’ve covered identifying the right kind of follower, we need to figure out where they are hanging out online.

Let’s break this down into a simple idea. Does Coca-Cola spend its time and money looking for people at the wrong places? Are they trying to build brand awareness by advertising to people at dentist offices or Whole Foods? No way! 

They don’t get hung up on trying to attract people at the wrong places. Instead, they choose their ad placements carefully, focusing on movie theater commercials or on super bowl ads.

Simple enough right? But so often, we think our ideal follower is everywhere when in reality we should be looking for them in very strategic places.

If you are woo-woo self-help writer, why are your assuming your audience is hanging out on Metallica’s page?! Instead, think about the authors that write in a similar style as yours and who are attracting an audience yearning for a similar message.

Like Coca-Cola, we need to get strategic about where your followers are hanging out on Instagram. Write down three accounts that you know are projecting a similar message to yours and are attracting a similar overall audience.

Get Visible & Engage

While this may seem like common sense, I know a good percentage of you are skipping this step in your day-to-day. Once you have found your people online, you need to be engaging.

For me, this looks like carving out twenty minutes a day to: 

  • Post my pre-planned post

  • Reply to comments on previous photos

  • Take the remainder of the time to leave comments on other peoples feed (the right kind of people for you).

Guys, I like to keep it simple. This game plan is not about spending all of your time with your phone in your hands — because who wants that. But it is about maximizing your time to use this platform as a tool to expand your reach and convert those followers into customers.

Instagram has transformed my business, and I know it can be the game changer for you as well. It’s not about popularity; it's about profitability. Let’s use this tool to build profitable businesses together!

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