Trouble With Pinterest? Look At Your Graphics.

As I’ve niched my services into Pinterest marketing and management, I’ve learned the single biggest factor in if a client’s Pinterest strategy works or fails - it’s their graphics.

A couple of weeks ago I re-published a blog on how I used Pinterest to completely re-brand and refresh my business graphics and style guide. Go check that out right here - I’ll wait.

I knew from looking at my Google Analytics that something significant had happened to make my traffic from Pinterest slow to a crawl. Turns out it coincided with re-doing my Pinterest templates about 6 months prior. The graphics didn’t hit home with my Pinterest audience and people weren’t clicking through.

Want an even scarier story about the consequences of poor graphic design? Read more below...

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Last summer a client reached out to me because they heard me on the Creative Empire Podcast.

They were in a niche they felt was perfect for Pinterest, had done some competitor research, and couldn’t understand why their traffic from Pinterest wasn’t greater.

We onboarded quickly together, and I immediately got to work on their keywords in their Pinterest profile.

Although graphics will make or break your Pinterest strategy, no one will see those pin graphics if you don’t have your keywords dialed in.

On Pinterest, keywords get you found and graphics get you clicked!
— Cara Chace

It took about 4 weeks to completely optimize and reorganize their Pinterest profile, plus come up with a strategy for both their content and Promoted Pins. I educated them on the fact that Pinterest is a long-term strategy, and they could expect to wait at least 6 months to start seeing their strategy work.

After a couple months of working on their content and profile, we dived into Promoted Pins (Pinterest’s paid advertising). I knew the key to finding out what wasn’t working for them would be split testing as many different factors as we could in their paid ads.

Long story short, after about 3 months of spending money on advertising, we had split-tested every single factor about their targeting, keywords, and audiences. Across the board, they had a high number of impressions (meaning their pins were being seen in the Pinterest feeds), but their click-through-rate (CTR) was dismal. Like, I’ve never seen a CTR so low with ads.

The whole time I had been working with my dedicated Pinterest ads rep, and we kept coming to the conclusion with each ad campaign’s stats, that their graphics were the reason their audience wasn’t clicking through.

Despite continuously suggesting over the 3 months they have a professional graphic designer redo their pin templates, it wasn’t something they were able to prioritize. Plus, despite saying they understood Pinterest was a long-term strategy, the reality was they wanted a quick turnaround on their efforts.

I want to be clear there is absolutely no judgement on my part with this client. None. I love and appreciate all my clients and my goal is to help them take Pinterest off their plate if Pinterest is a key part of their marketing.

BUT - if you’re not able to prioritize graphic design and want a quick ad spend turnaround - it means that Pinterest is probably not the best strategy for your business. It’s a factor that every business needs to decide on as they look at their goals and their big picture.

In this case, money and effort did not solve this client’s problem and they went right back to not getting traffic from Pinterest.

The lesson learned for me as a business owner? Knowing if a potential client can and will put the effort into their Pinterest graphics is a key qualifying factor in if I take them on as a client.

Think your graphics might be the problem?

Here are 4 key factors to review your Pinterest graphics:

  1. Pins should be a 2:3 vertical ratio (600px x 900px minimum) - no landscape graphics please!

  2. Fonts should be clear and easy to read (can you read that script font on mobile??).

  3. Use quality lifestyle and/or product photography.

  4. Are you using your brand’s style guide (read my blog on creating one if you’re not sure).

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