Ultimate Promo Calendar For Content Marketing

I'm so excited! Fall is here, the air is getting crisp, and I've learned a TON since starting my business a few short months ago. It's buckle-down time for parents sending their kiddos back to school, and time to put into action the awesome sauce plans for my social media services.

Mostly, I have spent a whole bunch of time picking the brains of my clients and target audience to find out if what people need aligns with my passion and knowledge of social media strategy . I have heard a resounding, "YES!"

One of the top 3 things I've heard from people is:

"I don't know where to find or how to create awesome content for my brand." 

How do you find great articles or engaging photos? How much should you share from others and how much content should you generate from your brand or business? 

This process can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don't have a clear strategy and action plan. 

All content strategy starts with an editorial calendar. Start with major holidays and business events, and fill in your content around those.

I have put together a free Ultimate Promo Calendar to get you started with a ton of fun and engaging holidays that can apply to your business.

Click here to get the Ultimate Promo Calendar.

If nothing else, you should know that there are actually two, count them TWO, National Doughnut Days. Awesome.

This super duper freebie is also in celebration of my NEW WEBSITE (ahhhhhh!). I'm thinking of it as my new fall wardrobe. It better reflects my personal brand and what I offer for social media coaching and strategy.

Start here to take a spin around my new digs.

If you are ready for some personal social media coaching to get you out of frustration and into a plan of attack, let's talk.

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