Unlock Powerful Marketing with Resolutions and Pinterest

It’s that time - a clean slate, a new start, big dreams - the New Year. You might be in the midst of business planning and laying out marketing plans for the year. You’re thinking about content and if you can finally outsource some tasks to give you more time to prioritize things you love doing.

Guess what? So is your target audience! While we don’t technically have to wait until January 1st to start improving something in our life, it’s pretty universal date that everyone agrees upon.

I guarantee your audience is thinking of ways to better their lives, and I’m going to show you how you can unlock this mindset in a powerful and authentic way by using Pinterest strategies and marketing.

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Let’s say your audience is “Mary” - a 45 year old mom of 2 teenagers and a wife. She’s a full-time accountant with a side hustle of watercolor cards she sells on Etsy. She’s pretty healthy but wants to lose a little weight and would love to have more energy.

Mary has a full and busy life, and like everyone, spends some time each day scrolling through social media*. Although Mary might not realize it, she’s in a totally different mindset when she’s on the different social media platforms.

*for the sake of this example, I’m lumping Pinterest in with “social media” - even though it’s NOT.

When Mary gets to work in the morning, she jumps on LinkedIn for a quick networking session. She knows technically it’s social media, but it’s still “professional” so she checks her notifications, likes a few articles, congratulates a few people on their work anniversaries, and tries to figure out if the invitation from Mr. Random Guy is legit or icky. In less than 30 minutes she’s done and “networking” is checked off her to-do list for the day.

When Mary’s on Facebook, she’s taking a break at work. She’s sipping her 3rd coffee and is either looking at her friends’ photos or is in the school’s Facebook Group. Hopefully she’s not trolling political news posts and giving herself an ulcer over other people's’ opinions - because can we just stop with that already? She’s not particularly engaged with her Newsfeed, she’s mentally checked out and maybe sucked into that ad for magnetic eyelashes (they’re a thing) because maybe that’ll help her save time in the morning. She’s on Facebook several times a day when she’s waiting for the next client meeting to start or is eating lunch at her desk.

When Mary’s on Instagram, she’s even more checked out than on Facebook. She wants eye-candy in the form of gorgeous pictures to inspire and make her smile. She knows the filter everyone uses on Instagram is the “perfection filter” but that’s ok because she loves looking at scenery to inspire her next watercolor card series. She might or might not read the captions and doesn’t have the volume on on her phone - so all the people talking on Instagram Stories fall flat with her. She’s watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on TV and “heart-scroll-heart-scroll”-ing with one eye. She’s probably looking at Jason Momoa’s account - because who isn’t?

Mary doesn’t use Twitter because she doesn’t think her watercolor card customers are there and there are too many trolls. She has an account for the sake of checking out celebrity tweets when there’s some buzz about something or other.

When Mary’s on Pinterest, it’s because she’s had an idea. She’s looking for information, answers, and next steps. She’s created a board to keep all the scenery pics she’s inspired by for her side hustle. She has boards for her work wardrobe, hair ideas, and easy makeup tutorials. She has boards for healthy recipes, the next family road trip, and the bathroom remodel that’s going to happen someday.

Mary also has boards for how to create more time in her day, get more things done, create a self-care routine, run her side hustle like a boss, and market her products.

Mary goes to Pinterest to learn how to do something better, how to be better (even though she knows she doesn’t have to be perfect), how to improve some piece of her life.

She’s aspiring. She’s dreaming. She’s planning. She’s on Pinterest for a specific purpose.

This is where YOU come in.

Every entrepreneur goes into business because they want to solve a problem for people. Even Mary. She wants to provide people with beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handmade cards to send to their loved ones and make them smile. She’s solving a problem for people who want more than the cards mass-produced and sold at Target.


  • Maybe you teach makeup tutorials that can help Mary finally figure out those magnetic lashes.

  • Maybe you share a morning routine that would help Mary not feel so rushed and give her some time back.

  • Maybe you are a calligrapher and teach a class for beginners that Mary would love to add to her skillset.

  • Maybe you’re a local contractor that specializes in bathroom remodels.

  • Maybe you’re an Etsy expert that teaches sellers how to use Etsy better.

  • Maybe you’re a counselor that specializes in parenting teenagers.

  • Maybe you’re a business coach that helps people turn side hustles into a full-time gig.

  • Maybe you design custom meal plans for the busy mom.

Every. Single. One. of these business owners could turn Mary into their customer and raving fan by using Pinterest to reach her.

They are on the path Mary is taking to act on an idea or inspiration.


The key to unlock this powerful marketing mindset is all about providing value for Mary.

Even if she’s not a New Year’s Resolutions kind of person, providing content and/or products on Pinterest that are going to help her take action on her dreams is the way into her world.

You are going to give her that tutorial, that download, that offer, that information that helps her then take the next step. The goal is that the steps after that will be hand in hand with YOU.

Simply put, Pinterest turns dreamers into doers.

This happens when you put up a pin on Pinterest about whatever valuable thing you’re sharing, and Mary clicks through to your website.

To be clear - I don’t mean “value” in the 50% off, act now, buy one-get one, skeezy ads way. That will get you nowhere with Pinterest marketing.

She reads your blog, or how-to, or downloads a free checklist, and gets value by you helping her take the next step to act. It’s not an enticement - it’s straight-up help.

If Mary loves your brand voice, your vibe, and feels like you know what you’re talking about and can help more, she’s going to come back. She’s going to give you her email address and eventually buy your service/product.

THIS is how Pinterest strategy and marketing works for brands and businesses.

It’s different - it’s actually valuable (not marked up to then put on sale) if done the right way.

You can make that connection with your audience that means something to them, whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or a random Tuesday when they decide they’re going to finally do that thing for themselves.


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