Video Pins on Pinterest: Photoshop Tutorial

Want to create video pins on Pinterest but don’t have vertical videos to use? The good news is you can easily create vertical videos, using your existing square or landscape videos, using Photoshop.

Pinterest is the only platform that prefers vertical content vs. square or landscape, so you might have written off creating vertical video pins as something you don’t have time for.

As a savvy entrepreneur, I know you know repurposing your content is key. You don’t have to have fancy video editing software or spend a bunch of time learning a new program.

In this quick Photoshop tutorial, I show you how to use your existing video content to create a “stacked” video pin. A “stacked” video pin is one where half of it is video, and half of it is a static image.

Pretty cool huh?

Watch the tutorial below and then read on for why you need to be creating video pins as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Prefer to listen? Click play below!

Video Pins Photoshop Pin 1.png
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Why You Need To Create Video Pins

Simply put, video is more engaging content! Video pins appear at the top in search results - I mean how great is that?

In July 2019, Pinterest revealed several new features to make it even easier to upload video pins.

“People come to Pinterest ready to try something new, which makes it an ideal platform for businesses to feature helpful products and services, how-to videos and tutorials, and to tell an interesting brand story.

We’re introducing new video features for creators and businesses to reach their audiences including an improved uploader, video tab, lifetime analytics, and Pin scheduling.”

Although scheduling pins was possible a few months ago, I waited to jump on this train. It was slightly clunky to do, and since I couldn’t do it via Tailwind, it wasn’t possible for me to do it for clients.

…but then…

Scheduling Video Pins in Tailwind

In September 2019 Tailwind revealed that we could now schedule video pins via Tailwind!

(Not using Tailwind yet? Try it for free!)

Now scheduling a video pin is as easy as a regular static image pin.


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