When Upwork Fails: How to Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant

You’ve decided you’re ready for a virtual assistant but want something a little more personal than responses to an RFP you post on a freelance job board. You probably turned to Google after realizing the freelance platform idea wasn’t ideal. All you netted from Google  were sites about how to become a Virtual Assistant. 

So now you’re ready to give up the search and continue doing things yourself. After all, it would probably be easier than spinning your wheels searching for the perfect Virtual Assistant. Don’t give up yet! I’ve got 5 places you can find an independent virtual assistant that will fit you and your growing business perfectly.

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Facebook Entrepreneur Groups

As independent virtual assistants, we are also entrepreneurs who work hard every day to grow our businesses just like you are. As virtual business owners, we want to connect with like-minded business people for discussions and advice. If we gain a client in the process, that’s even better.

Join one of the many Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and ask if anyone can recommend a good virtual assistant. Not only will virtual assistant’s come out of the woodwork to comment, other business owners will recommend virtual assistants they have worked with in the past. The more specific you are about your needs, the better the recommendations and responses will be.

A few of my favorites are Rockstar Solopreneurs: Social Media + Productivity (hosted by the lovely Cara Chace herself), Fierce and Fab Women, and The Badass Solopreneur Society.

**Update from Cara: I no longer run Rockstar Solopreneurs as I’ve chosen to niche my business into Pinterest Marketing (read more about why and how I did that here). You can join my new community, Pinterest Rockstars.


There are a few different ways to go about searching for a virtual assistant on Twitter. You can search for the word virtual assistant or #virtualassistant. Both will bring up accounts and Tweets from all kinds of different VAs. Scroll through the options and find an account or Tweet that catches your eye and do a little social media stalking.

There are also Twitter accounts set up to create virtual assistant communities or places where Virtual Assistants can go to get information about their industry. Checking out who these accounts follow is a great way to find loads of independent virtual assistants.

A couple of popular virtual assistant communities on Twitter are @wearevas and @IVAA_org. Each of these communities follows thousands independent virtual assistants.


If you’re a visual person like I am, Instagram is your favorite social media platform. It’s not just a fantastic way to see awesome pictures, it’s also a great way to find independent virtual assistants whose vibe you get.

Search the hashtags #virtualassistant and #virtualassistantservices. Scroll through the results and check out any posts that catch your eye.  If you find any content that really speaks to you, or realize you are repeatedly checking out the same account, you might have found your dream VA!


If you’re looking for something a little more corporate focused in the way of a virtual assistant, LinkedIn is a great resource. Using the “search for people” option, you can find page after page of individuals offering virtual assistant services. This also gives you an idea of their past experiences and employers, much like looking at resumes if you were hiring a traditional employee. If previous administrative experience is important to you this might be your best option.


You might be surprised how many of your business peers are already using virtual assistants. What better way to find a superior VA than to use someone via a recommendation from a business peer? Again, make sure that they have the skills to handle the tasks you are looking for. If it turns out they don’t, they may know of a fellow Virtual Assistant who can provide those services.

Now off you go to find the virtual assistant of your dreams, happy hunting!

This fabulous guest post is by Kelli - the Owner and Administrative Magician at 3K VA Services. She provides professional administrative, finance, and social media support to badass business owners. Her passion is focusing on what makes your business go so you can focus on what makes your business grow.

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