Why Focusing On Pinterest Marketing Gets The Best Results

There are so many marketing options for an online entrepreneur to use and explore. But how do you know which digital marketing platforms will work for your business? How much time and effort should you spend trying to build your business leads and sales with a certain platform?

It’s enough to make your head spin.

I know when I started my business I thought I had to be everywhere. I was offering a wide range of digital marketing services - from social media management, to building websites, to blogging and email marketing.

I spent some time creating my content, and then LOTS of time creating marketing for that content.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  1. Finish writing a blog (or creating any piece of content you want to show your expertise).

  2. Spend hours creating graphics for each social media platform for that content.

  3. Schedule your social media posts, with platform-specific verbiage and best practices.

  4. Double (or triple) check everything gets posted correctly.

  5. Forget to check for post engagement or analytics.

  6. Start creating the next piece of content.

It’s a hamster wheel of content marketing that often makes us wonder if all that time is really worth the effort.

While I would never suggest that you put all your eggs in one content marketing basket, there are several reasons why spending most of your time with Pinterest marketing will get you the best results.

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Content on Pinterest Lives The Longest

While the graphic below from Sprocket Websites shows a Pin “lasts” 4 months, I know that is a super conservative estimate.

I have a Pin for a blog I wrote way back in 2015 that continues to be one of my top 3 traffic drivers every month. That’s 4 years and counting that one piece of content has generated leads and sales for my businesses consistently. I have numerous clients with the same experience as well.

Pinterest wants it’s content to be evergreen, searchable, and relevant. Creating content that can go the distance will maximize your return on investment for your creation time.

Pinterest Is Designed To Get You Traffic

No other social media platform out there is specifically designed to get your audience to click through to your website.

Think about it - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter - they all what you users to stay on their platforms.

Pinterest wants you to find the best results for what you’re looking for, and click through to the information or product.

It’s not social media - it’s a visual search engine.

You Don’t Have To Be A Content-Machine

This is perhaps one of my favorite key points about any great Pinterest marketing strategy.

It’s not about creating new content - it’s about creating new Pins for the content you have.
— Cara Chace

On Pinterest, every “fresh” Pin is seen as a new piece of content. In other words, the Pins are the content.

Can’t pump out a new blog every week? Can’t get to creating a new video? No problem, just create more Pins for your best existing content and you’ll keep your Pinterest strategy consistent and working.

Be A Smart CEO + Look At Your Numbers

I make decisions about my time and effort based on data and information.

While I do lead and work with kindness and a sense of humor - I do not fall into the “heart-centered” entrepreneur category. There - I said it. Touchy-feeling comes in second to data and number crunching. No amount of unicorn dust or pink office accessories will change that about me.

If you already have somewhat of a Pinterest presence, take a look at your traffic in Google Analytics.

I have lost track of how many people tell me “I’m getting so much traffic from Pinterest and I don’t know why or how - I’m not making much effort.”

Now - think about this. Let’s say you are getting 75% of your social traffic from Pinterest (not uncommon at all). Why wouldn’t you spend about 75% of your content marketing time and effort with that platform?

Or, maybe you’re just starting with Pinterest and you’re consistent but waiting for your traffic to start gaining some traction. It’s not uncommon for Pins to take a couple weeks to start showing up in the different Pinterest feeds - so patience and long-term vision is key.

So - you know Pinterest is right for your business marketing, and can easily generate most of your social traffic - leading you to decide that you’re going to spend more time marketing on Pinterest.

Why? Because once that traffic funnel from Pinterest opens up, the ROI on your content marketing time will blow every other social media marketing ROI out of the water.

OR, maybe you’re just starting (or pivoting) your business, and you’ve got a few pieces of good content and a landing page for people to sign up for a lead magnet or freebie to build your email list. Instead of spending every Sunday night desperately trying to write a blog, you can create more pins for the content you have - that’s going to continue to be relevant and useful to your audience and drive traffic.

Don’t Forget Paid Advertising

You know the phrase, “Get it while the gettin’ is good.”? This could not apply any better than to Promoted Pins - Pinterest’s paid advertising.

Since Pinterest went public, we know they are going to be putting a lot of resources into upping their paid ads game. Better targeting, more nimble algorithms, higher returns.

If you’re a small business with a barely-there to modest budget, Promoted Pins could make a big difference in your sales funnel.

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