Why Good Photos = Better Engagement on Social Media

If you are knee deep in content strategy for your social media accounts, you know that coming up with engaging, beautiful photos is pretty much the best way to succeed. 

This week, I am going to direct you to a revealing article by Contently about how National Geographic gets 8 times the engagement of anyone else. It's well worth the 5 minutes of your time. 

In short - they have a massive amount of stunning (I mean STUNNING) photography to compel conversations and promote engagement. They do this better than Buzzfeed, who was a very distant second.

why good photos = better engagement on social media cara chace

Part of the reason their social media engagement comes so naturally (no pun intended), is the nature of who they are as an organization. They have decades of revealing the world around us in an intimate and astounding way.

It is who they are.

While chances are your brand or business won't be posting pictures of howler monkeys in a remote village to Instagram, the lessen you need to take away from National Geographic's success is that the who and why of your brand is what is compelling. 

Instagram is the perfect platform to show the behind-the-scenes nature of your business. Show your day-to-day life, your office, your pals, and yes even your coffee to your audience. Chances are they know what you sell, but their decision to buy will be heavily influenced by their affinity for you and the people behind your brand.

Once you've done some soul searching around how to show your brand authentically on Instagram, you MUST be able to post beautiful photos. Fuzzy, bar scene selfies will not cut it.

Think of your Instagram feed as another layer of marketing - you wouldn't put crappy photos on a brochure would you? I'm guessing not. Beautiful photography shows your audience you have an eye for detail and you care about your brand image - both of which translate to professionalism and being a business someone would want to hire.

There are tons of tips and tricks to up-level your photography game for social media. You can start with the Rule of Thirds to get an eye for how to position subjects in your photos.

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