I'm thrilled we'll be working together and I've created this page to welcome you to our work flow process.

My goal is to be the Goose to the Maverick that is your business. I'm here to help you accomplish goals and take your marketing skills to the next level (except I won't be ejecting and Meg Ryan won't be crying - I'll be giving you lots of high-fives and maybe singing a song or two with you).



  • I keep track of all projects in Asana. You'll be getting an onboarding email from me with to-do's that we'll need to get started.

  • I house all documents and files in Google Drive. I'll create a shared folder where we can drop anything we need.

  • The pre-determined length of our project (i.e. 3-month Promoted Pin Campaign) will begin when I receive all files needed to start our project. If you have any questions about this - please email me at hello@carachace.com!

  • If you are a Pinterest client - please go to my Pinterest Resources page to get started.



  • I will bring enthusiasm and creativity to our project.

  • I will actively seek feedback to improve our project.

  • I prefer email as a form of business communication. You can expect to receive a response during the week (Monday - Friday) within 24 hours.

  • I have a newborn at home and have extremely limited availability for calls/meetings until further notice.

  • If there is an emergency (i.e. hacked account), you can text me at 619.602.1091.



  • Communication is key - I'm still working on being a mind reader, but until then - please give me honest and constructive feedback as our project unfolds.

  • Timely responses and assets from you are key to moving forward on schedule.

  • Keep an open mind. I'm here to help you think beyond what you've been able to do yourself and I will do my best to communicate why I want to do, test, and tweak as we go along.

  • Our service contract protects both of us and sets clear expectations and deliverables. If you would like work done that is beyond the scope of work in our contract, we can certainly chat about what that would look like and your additional investment.



I'm committed to having an awesome business relationship with you, so if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email me at hello@carachace.com!