Pinterest Marketing + Management for Business

The only planner for online entrepreneurs who market with Pinterest.

Pinterest Content Marketing Planner 1
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The Pinterest Marketing Content Planner is full of features to keep your goals on track and your content on trend:

  • Full 2020 dated planner

  • Pinterest seasonal + evergreen trends

  • Holidays (hashtags + regular)

  • Action items + tips for your Pinterest + Tailwind profiles

  • Stats tracker + housekeeping checklist

  • Yearly + Quarterly goal planning

  • Monthly planning (dashboard, themes, + content)

  • Weekly planning (dashboard, meetings, + to-do's)

  • Plenty of space for notes, doodles, habit tracking, + mandala coloring

Everything you need to stay on top of your Pinterest content marketing and plan your year - like the CEO you are.



Hey Rockstar!

I’m Cara - your fellow online entrepreneur + planner addict.

Like most products, the Pinterest Content Marketing Planner was born out of necessity. I have a graveyard of planners that were all fantastic for a few things - but soon collected dust.

The more planners I bought and tried, the more I realized how my brain works. I began to think about what I truly needed to help me keep track of all the things.

I needed a way to combine a traditional planner with the think-ahead content planning unique to Pinterest marketing.

Plus, a way to keep my finger on the CEO-level numbers of my business like stats tracking and Pinterest profile maintenance.

I had that tipping point moment - the decision to say no more to the products that weren’t working and design my own.

Here you have it…

The Pinterest Content Marketing Planner!

Cara Chace.png