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These are the tools I use everyday in my business that I absolutely cannot live without!



All I know about this magic app is I use it to fall asleep and to focus at work. It plays different sounds that sync with your brainwaves based on the outcome you want to achieve (i.e. focus, meditate). It's truly magic and I use it both on my desktop and my phone.


ConvertKit is the email marketing software I've chosen that works the best for my brain and my business. Visual mapping of my funnels is my favorite feature. Want to know more about why I switched from Active Campaign to ConvertKit? Read more here.


Sometimes you don't want to mess with Photoshop...that's where Canva comes in! Quick and easy graphics for your website and digital marketing.


This is my project management software of choice. It works better with my brain than Trello and I use it to manage projects and tasks for myself, clients, and partner collaborations. It's totally key to sync it all up with my Google Calendar.


If it drives you nuts to try and schedule meetings with clients and peers, you need a scheduling app. Acuity let's me set up different appointments, schedule availability, intake forms, even take payments. It makes my booking system so smooth!


I quite literally could not do what I do on Pinterest, for myself or clients, without Tailwind. It let's me batch schedule my pins, others' pins, look at which boards and pins are top performers, and gives you access to Tailwind Tribes (a key strategy for getting your pins shared). 


While scheduling for Instagram is touch and go - Grum is the easiest one I've found that actually posts for you. *disclaimer: Grum is quite fuzzy on whether or not they are in violation of IG's terms of service - use at your own risk.


Teaching is a big part of what I do, and Podia is a great balance between cost and features. With Podia, I can have all my downloads, courses, my membership, and affiliates all in one place. Plus their customer service is stellar + they make it easy!


I actually use Leadboxes (part of LP) waaaay more than I use Leadpages. I love how all my opt-in buttons pop up all pretty and on brand, instead of custom coding one that looks janky from my email marketing.


This online quiz builder is so fantastic for creating fun, easy quizzes to build my email list. It integrates seamlessly with my email marketing so I can segment my signups and send targeted content!


Finding the perfect stock photo can be tough and time-consuming. Girl Boss Stock has tons of photos as part of her membership, and she releases new photos every month. The best part is she loves suggestions, so if you’re looking for something in particular she’ll create it!


*Yes...this page does contain some affiliate links. Please know that I would never, ever recommend anything I haven't used and love. Affiliate links are no extra cost to you and they support my caffeine habit.