The Best Online Entrepreneur Housekeeping Checklist

It’s easy to get so busy with the day-to-day of running your business that you forget the CEO things we need to do an entrepreneurs.

As the leader of your business (even if you’re leading yourself right now), you need to make sure you’re keeping your online business neat and tidy so little issues don’t become big problems.

I’m speaking from experience - having gone down the path of barely getting things done many times over. Right now I’m working with a systems professional to completely document my online processes and procedures.


Because the less I have to think about my systems, the more brain space and time I have to love on my clients and Pinterest PowerUp members.

TL;DR: Grab a free printable version of this checklist for yourself.

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  • Team updates about the week’s priorities/focus.

  • Review invoices + follow up as needed.

  • Review recurring payments from clients.

  • Are there any team members or clients who need a little TLC?

  • Are all support/inquiries taken care of?


  • Review monthly software + app subscriptions.

  • Back up your website.

  • Update plugins + themes.

  • Review your keyword and seo research.

  • Team meeting for review and planning.

  • Check for website updates.

  • Check your pixels + tracking are functioning.

  • Review your traffic sources and top content in G/Analytics.

  • Download + categorize all business transactions.

  • Review all business transactions for accuracy.

  • Set aside money for business taxes.

  • Reconcile your accounts in your financial/bookkeeping software.

  • Review services with each client about what’s working + goals.


  • Test all opt-in forms on your website.

  • Scan your site for malware -

  • One-on-one meeting with team members to discuss goals and working relationship.

  • Review your top 5 performing posts for updates and CTAs.

  • Review your access sharing - anyone to delete?

  • Update your 90 day goals.

  • Review and update your content marketing plan.

  • Clean up and unsubscribe your email inbox.

  • Delete cold subscribers from your email list.

  • Update social media profiles as needed for consistent branding.

  • Pay estimated taxes.

  • Make sure you have a W9 for all subcontractors if needed (talk to your tax person).


  • Update your copyright notice.

  • Review and update legal terms - website + contracts.

  • Update your bio.

  • Check on domain + hosting renewals.

  • Review yearly software + app subscriptions.

  • Change account passwords.

  • Have your team change their passwords.

  • Review and update your organizational chart.

  • File 1099s + W2s by January 31st.

  • File taxes.

  • Holiday and/or thank you cards to clients.

  • Client satisfaction survey.


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