20 Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

I love gift guides! They’re my favorite spreads in holiday magazines, and I love pinning them on Pinterest. I strive to find the perfect something for the important people in my life beyond a gift card - and sometimes that applies to myself as well.

Whether you are the entrepreneur or you have a very important person in your life who runs their own show, CEOs need some extra TLC. We work with a passion and a drive that steers our priorities and sometimes that means long hours and not enough self-care.

Not only am I an online entrepreneur that works from a home office, but my favorite clients and students are as well. I’ve put together a list of favorites that will make any entrepreneur’s day brighter, more relaxing, and more productive.

This gift guide has ideas for all price points and both men and women!

Please feel free to forward this blog to your friends and family if they need holiday gift ideas, and don’t forget to pin!


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Office Supplies

I’m an office supply junkie. I never met a pen or notebook or post-it I didn’t like. There are a few office supplies I use every day though, and could not do without them.

1) Zebra Midliner Highlighters

I don’t know what magic pixie dust is in these highlighters, but they don’t smear ink and they have enough pigment to be able to see them.

I discovered Midliners at Alt Summit last year when I took a bullet journaling class and now I use them every day.

My favorite way to use them is to color-code my planner. Yellow is for “in progress”, green is for “client work”, blue is for “Chace Digital”, purple is for “personal”, and red is “done/complete”.

2) Paper Mate Flair Pens

I use these pens for my everyday writing - from note-taking to task planning. They come in every color you can imagine!

3) Leuchturm1917 - Bullet Journal

This brand of notebook has long been the go-to bullet journal of choice. It’s the perfect size, the paper is heavy enough to not show through, and it comes in tons of colors too. The one in this gift guide is specifically for bullet journal enthusiasts.

4) Moleskin Cahier Journal

This small notebook goes in my purse, in my tablet and laptop case, on my desk - everywhere. It’s a high-quality classic notebook to jot down your lists, ideas, and to-do’s.

5) Momentum Planner by Productive Flourishing

This planner is for the serious left-brainers. It’s intuitive, detailed, and helps you plan your time according to projects and priorities.

(I’m also a self-confessed planner junkie - you can shop all my favorite planners here.)

Office Atmosphere

My environment is super duper important to me, and my home office is no different. I want to work in an atmosphere that is warm, cozy, and smells really good. Scent is so important to me that I have 3 different products in my Entrepreneur Gift Guide Store.

6) Essential Oils + Diffuser Set

I use my diffuser every single day. I like to mix scents and have the peace of mind of not having a candle burning.

7) Spices + Evergreen Soy Candle

When I do light a candle, I want that holiday/woodsy/spicy scent…even in the middle of summer. A long-lasting soy candle is always on my desk for scent and ambiance.

8) Palo Santo Insence Sticks

I’m not a fan of the sage burning smell, and I discovered Palo Santo sticks as an alternative. I often start my work day with a 15-minute mediation and journaling, followed by using a palo santo stick to clear energy and set my intention for the day.

9) Knit Throw Blanket

In the winter my office can get downright cold. I have a cozy knit throw blanket I keep on the back of my chair to wrap myself in when I need to warm up.

10) UGG Slippers

Working from home means I can’t quite get away with cozy socks all day because I’m sometimes walking out to get mail, or working outside on the deck, or picking the kiddo up from school.

These hard-bottom slippers feel like cozy socks but I can actually wear them outside - like yoga pants for my feet!

Office Tech + Gadgets

11) Aura Digital Frame

I got this digital frame as a prize a couple of years ago and it’s the only frame on my desk. I was late on the digital frame bandwagon but now I love it.

Sometimes during my morning meditation I’ll simply sit and look at it as it changes pictures of my family. Talk about starting my day from a place of joy and gratitude!

12) Letsfit Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds are not only affordable, but they work really well! I have not experienced any lag time, static, or connectivity issues at all. The self-charging case is handy and the battery lasts a long time too.

13) Fitbit Charge 2

If it weren’t for the Fitbit’s hourly step reminder, I might never get up from my desk. It’s been a great way to keep track of moving my body at least a little bit.

The other major bonus is since it functions as a watch, I don’t look at my phone to check the time anymore. Major points for eliminating that black hole of distraction!

14) Blue Yeti Microphone Recording Bundle

This year I decided to record audio for all my blogs. The purpose is to make my content more accessible and repurposed, not necessarily to do the podcast thing.

This microphone is affordable and the bundle that comes with it means you’re ready to go and start recording.


15) Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

I ditched the plastic water bottles and now use this stainless steel insulated bottle. It can be hard at first to remember to take it everywhere, but it’s a habit well worth developing.

16) Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder

Even if you have a great water bottle, sometimes you need a little reminder to get that water intake up. This handy little gizmo tracks when you drink, reminds you to hydrate if you forget, blinks before dehydration kicks in, and fits on any water bottle.

17) Fat Fuel Keto Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is life! I use Fat Fuel’s instant mix when I’m traveling and I keep a few in my office just in case. It contains instant organic coffee, organic grass fed butter, MCT oil, coconut oil powder & himalayan salt. Mix it with hot water (or if you’re crazy like me, hot coffee) to get rid of the brain fog and curb your appetite.

18) Ultima Replenisher - Lemonade

This electrolyte powder has all the vitamins and minerals you need from an electrolyte drink - without the sugar or nasty chemicals.

It’s always in my first water bottle of the day and helps me stay on keto.

Bonus Gifts

19) Rae Dunn Boss Mug

I love Rae Dunn mugs as much as I love office supplies - if not more! They are huge and fun, without being cheesy. I drink 2 bulletproof coffees every morning out of these and I’m ready to go.

20) Profit First

There are lots and lots of books I could put here that have helped me grow and learn as an entrepreneur, but Profit First is the first one that made me feel like I was in control of my business.

(I’m an avid reader - you can shop all my favorite business books here.)

So there you have it - 20 gift ideas for entrepreneurs. Is there anything you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

**This post contains affiliate links - which means if you click to products I've recommended from this blog I may receive some small compensation. Please know that I would never recommend anything I haven't used and loved myself.

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