The Easy Way to Build Your Email List: Pinterest + Quizzes

If you’re an online entrepreneur you know the key to building relationships with your ideal client is building your email list. Why?

Because no other marketing method allows you to have a direct conversation and build that know, like, and trust factor like a targeted email sequence.

But how do you get the right people on your list?

Easy! Use Pinterest to drive traffic to a fun quiz on your website around something you can offer your audience.

“Wait...hang on Cara...what the what? How does that work?”

Don’t worry, Grasshopper - I’m going to walk you through from the beginning.

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According to Inc Magazine:
Well-designed lead-generation quizzes are the key to any successful email marketing strategy because they…

  1. Add personalization to your marketing.

  2. Connect you with people who are interested in your content.

  3. Offer the option of segmentation.

  4. Enhance engagement for popular website or blog content.

  5. Level up your typical digital content.

Everyone loves a fun, distracting quiz - but you’ll know that you’re getting your target audience on your list by putting their results behind an email gate.

Again, this email gate ensure that those who sign up are actually interesting in what you have to offer!


I use Interact (an online quiz builder) to set up my quizzes. Interact lets you integrate directly with your email provider and tag your quiz-takers with the result they got from your quiz.

Why is this cool?

Not only does this integration save you time by doing all that fancy-schmancy backend work for you so you don’t lose potential leads - but it automatically segments your quiz-takers by result!

By segmenting your quiz-takers, you can deliver them to targeted landing pages and send them follow-up emails based on results to deliver the most value.

Think about it - if someone from my quiz gets the result that they’re a great fit for Pinterest, I want to give them completely different information and help than someone who’s not.

Makes sense?

Now, there’s one thing left to do...


Create several pins that lead to either your quiz landing page and/or a blog that promotes your quiz (like I did above).

After these pins have been circulating a few weeks, set up a Promoted Pins campaign (you can start with a $40 budget!) to give those Pins an extra boost.


No other digital marketing platform or social media delivers consistent traffic from cold leads the way Pinterest does.

Cold leads means they are totally new to you, your website, your info, your little corner of the digital universe. Expanding your reach to cold leads means you are expanding the number of eyes on your website and potential customers in your marketing funnel.

Let me bring it back a bit from marketing-speak…

No other platform is specifically designed to get your clicks through to YOUR website vs. staying on their platform.


» If you’re not sure that Pinterest is right for your business - take the quiz (see what I did there?).

» Sign up for Interact to build your own quiz.

» When you’re ready to learn more about using Pinterest to build your leads and sales, check out Pinterest PowerUp.

The perfect bridge between DIY and outsourcing to an expert: Pinterest PowerUp is a Pinterest marketing membership community for online entrepreneurs and the only Pinterest marketing resource you will ever need for your business!

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