How Pinterest Marketing Works + Why It's Not Social Media

When you're a Pinterest marketing expert, sometimes it's hard to remember not everyone "gets" how to use the platform. Other entrepreneurs often think it's one more thing to do or another social media box they have to check.

When I give the quick and dirty overview of how Pinterest marketing works, their eyes start to light up and I see the wheels start turning.

Here are the common questions I get about using Pinterest for business:

  • "Isn't it more for saving recipes and home decor ideas?"

  • "Isn't it more for women?"

  • "Pinterest isn't social media?"

  • "I don't "get" Pinterest, so how would I use it for my business?"

Or, I get the ugh-and-eye-roll of, "I can't possibly do one more thing for my business marketing."

I absolutely LOVE talking to my fellow entrepreneurs that are in this boat, because I get to single-handedly change their minds. Let's dive in so I can explain more.

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What Is Pinterest?

At it's core, Pinterest is a visual search engine.

Most people are familiar with Google, Bing, and other more obscure search engines. Essentially, it's where you go to look up information on the internet.

According to Pinterest, it’s a “visual discovery engine for finding ideas.”

Pinterest uses keywords and visual search to help it's users find what they're looking for.

Type in the Pinterest seach bar and you'll see results of common searches relating to those keywords - just like Google.

6 Search Bar.png

Pinterest started as a place where people could save their ideas online. It was an easy way to replace folders of dream home ideas and clippings from magazines.

It's evolved into a massive search engine as users save their ideas and post their own content to the platform.

Pinterest Stats for 2019

If you're a stats and numbers business owner, this is for you:

As of the first quarter of 2019, Pinterest reported 291 million monthly active users worldwide.

Over one third of Pinterest’s current monthly active users are from the U.S., so there’s room for international audiences as well. According to Pinterest statistics from the brand in 2018, about 80% of new sign ups came from outside the U.S.

On top of that, the channel has an awareness reach of 72% as of February 2019.

For more really cool stats about business opportunities on Pinterest, read more.

How To Use Pinterest for Marketing

Chances are you do a lot of things to market your small business. Social media marketing, email marketing, in-person networking, speaking engagements, etc.

It can be overwhelming to stay on top of everything you need to do to keep a profitable business running. Graphics to create, posts to schedule, content to write, and on and on.

But as all online entrepreneurs know, just because you build it, doesn't mean they'll come.

You need to get traffic to your website to build relationships with potential customers and clients.

While Pinterest is one aspect of my digital marketing strategy, it's the #1 traffic driver to my website and has been for years.

Here are the core steps for a Pinterest Marketing Strategy:

  1. Decide which content on your website you want to drive traffic to.

  2. Create graphics for that content.

  3. Create Pins with those graphics that have keyword-rich descriptions.

  4. Pin your own content consistently.

  5. Pin others' content that might interest your audience consistently.

That's a super simple explanation and there's more to creating an awesome Pinterest marketing strategy.

If I go into way more detail, this blog would turn into a book.

The best thing to do if you want to know more is grab the Pinterest Success Roadmap.

Why Pinterest Is Not Social Media

Pinterest is the only digital marketing plaform out there that's designed to get users to click through to your website.

Think about it - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter - they all want users to stay on their platforms.

Pinterest wants you to find the best results for what you’re looking for, and click through to the information or product.

I have a Pin for a blog I wrote way back in 2015 that continues to be one of my top 3 traffic drivers every month. That’s 4 years and counting a single piece of content has generated leads and sales for my businesses. I have many clients with the same experience as well.

The graphic below from Sprocket Websites shows a Pin “lasts” 4 months. But, I know that is a super conservative estimate based on my experience above.

Pinterest wants it’s content to be evergreen, searchable, and relevant. Creating content that can go the distance will maximize your return on investment for your creation time.

On other social media platforms you have to create post after post that doesn't last.

But on Pinterest, Pins gain momentum and have a snowball-effect on your traffic.

By far, my favorite part of Pinterest is that it's the "introvert's platform".

The Pinterest algorithm doesn't work based on engagement and constant interaction with users.

Instead, Pinterest rewards its users if they create consistent, valuable content.

This is why it's a marketing business builder.

You likely do what you do to provide value and solve a problem - not to be on the hamster wheel of Instagram selfies.

Pinterest doesn't care about your selfies or your filters.

It cares about the value you're bringing to your audience.

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