Top 10 Awesome Sales Funnels For Products On Pinterest

You might have heard that using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website can help you set up an opt-in (aka, lead magnet) funnel for your audience. The goal of a traditional opt-in funnel is to provide your website visitor with something valuable and free to get them on your email list.

The idea is, once they’re on your email list, you can send them targeted and useful emails designed to build a relationship and eventually turn them into a paying customer.

But did you know this idea can work really well for product-based businesses on Pinterest too?

While I don’t advocate giving away stuff for free as a product seller, there are lots of ways you can replicate this idea of an opt-in funnel to create more sales and customers with your website traffic.

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Whether you’re on Shopify, Squarespace, or some other e-commerce website platform, most e-commerce software will have the capability to do pop-ups, create plugins, and various coupons codes.

While I can’t teach how to use each e-commerce software specifically, pick one or two of the following ideas and you should be able to figure out how to set it up fairly quickly.

Buy More, Get More

This sales funnel is also commonly seen as “buy one, get one” or as a sliding scale. For example, you could offer a larger discount for purchasing larger quantities - like 15% off 1, or $25% off 2.

Limited Time Offer

This offer is a good one for creating a sense of urgency. If you’re going to use this sales funnel idea for your Pinterest marketing, make sure you set this up so it’s a limited time per user with some sort of countdown timer.

The reason for this is Pins live on in perpetuity, and you don’t want Pins floating around for a limited time offer that expired months or years ago.

If you don’t want to create a Pin specifically for the offer, you could drive Pinterest traffic to a particular product and have the offer pop up on the landing page when you want the offer to be live.

Limited Supply Offer

Like the limited time offer, this funnel is great for creating a sense of urgency. If you have inventory capability in your online store, it should be easy to keep track of how many of the product you have available for the offer.

If you sell out of the product, it’s a great opportunity to direct the visitor to another best-selling or similar product.

Percentage of Proceeds

Most modern consumers gravitate towards companies that donate a percentage of sales to a charity of choice. You can choose to do this for a specific product or for your online sales in general. Make sure you’re clear about the how and what you’ll donate, plus the story behind the charity and why you chose it.

Platform Specific

Have a popular landing page or product? Duplicate the page for Pinterest traffic and create a special offer just for visitors who land on that page. Easy peasy.

Product Specific

Like the platform specific sales funnel, a product specific funnel can easily be set up for Pinterest traffic by having a product URL just for Pinterest.

Free Shipping

There’s some statistic out there that talks about how often carts are abandoned due to shipping costs. It’s a lot.. just so you know.

In this day and age of Amazon Prime and instant access, not getting free shipping can be hard to swallow for online shoppers. You’ll have to figure out how to have this make sense for your profit margins (like building it into the product price).

Coupon Code

There are lots of plugins and pop ups you can set up to give your website visitors a coupon code - whether it’s for a first purchase or for signing up for your newsletter. If you want to keep it platform-specific to Pinterest, set it up with your landing page that’s just for Pinterest.

Refer a Friend

This sales funnel idea can be a bit trickier to set up as it usually requires plug ins and/or affiliate software. The plus-side is it’s a great method to increase your reach from dedicated customers.

Gift with Purchase

This one is one of the most common ways to build an enticing offer with your online store, even though it’s most well-known from brick and mortar stores and beauty counters (I have so many free makeup bags!).

Choosing which products make sense to bundle as your free gift is up to you - the important part is that your customer sees the additional value as enough to make the purchase that qualifies for the free gift.

Hint: in the online “infopreneur” space, this is often used as an incentive to sign up for a course or mastermind group - the extra training and swipe files are included “at no additional cost” to increase the perceived value.

Key Points to Consider

Don’t underestimate the email address.

When you’re a product seller, it’s easy to judge the success of any marketing efforts only by sales, but counting the value of an email address is important too.

Email marketing is one of the highest-conversion methods for online sales, and a potential customer who has given you their email is telling you they want to know more about your products and they want to be sold to in the right way.

Any of the above sales funnels can easily be tweaked by offering the funnel incentive in exchange for an email address (either instead of or in addition to).

Email segmenting is a must.

When you set up any of these sales funnels and you get that all-important email address, make sure you are segmenting your customers into what they signed up for and purchased.

You can send them targeted follow-up emails when you have new products and sales, based on what they’ve already purchased. A well-segmented audience has a much higher conversion rate!

Know what your audience wants.

Not sure where to start with which products to incentivize? Take a peek at your Google Analytics and see what products people are looking at from Pinterest.

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Create custom 404 pages.

Ever had the experience of finding something really cool on Pinterest, only to try and click through and end up on a dead link? So frustrating.

Every website and business, whether products or services, evolves and changes over time. Maybe you refocus your offerings, or just need a website refresh. Because Pins live forever, it’s likely over time you’ll have Pins out there that go to pages that are no longer active.

Setting up a custom 404 page for your website visitors is the best way to try and help with that bounce rate. Instead of just landing on a page that says something generic like “content cannot be found”, a custom 404 will show your visitors where they can go next.

You can send them to your best-selling products, a new collection, your blog, plus have a contact form so they can reach out directly


While a broken or dead link is going to have a higher bounce rate (the visitor clicking right off your site without exploring more), a custom 404 will help guide them to other helpful places and lower that bounce rate slightly.

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