Social Media Engagement Checklist

Social media is not about traditional marketing. The brands that are still talking at you instead of with you are falling behind...quickly.

Social media is about having a conversation, sparking an emotion, and engagement. 

Engaging is defined as:

"very attractive or pleasing in a way that holds your attention"


"tending to draw favorable attention or interest".

Social media is also about building relationships. How do you do that authentically? Yep, you guessed ENGAGING with other brands and your audience.

Some (ok, a lot) of social media management services will simply tell you to post however many times a day on which platforms, suggest a mix of content, and then sit back.

*Queue the sad tuba*

The other half of this equation, is you need to be going out there on the interwebs as your brand and interacting with like-minded businesses and your followers.

How do you keep it all straight and stay on task? I'm so glad you asked!!

If you sign up for the free Rockstar Resources Library, you'll get a free printable checklist of what you should be doing on which platforms to build relationships and establish yourself as an authentic brand (plus a whole bunch of other free goodies!).

Once you get the hang of it, you'll spend 20 minutes a day or so - well worth the return on investment for your brand sentiment and loyalty.

Put it on your desk and refer to it daily to make sure you are giving as much as you get!